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Planning Director

Ryan Gaug
Phone: 651-234-7236
E-mail: ryan.gaug@state.mn.us

North Region

Kevin Carlson
Phone: 651-234-7191
E-mail: kevin.r.carlson@state.mn.us

Central Region

Rylan Juran
Phone: 651-234-7190
E-mail: rylan.juran@state.mn.us

South Region

Christopher Morgan
Phone: 651-234-7263
E-mail: christopher.morgan@state.mn.us

Statewide Planning and Zoning Support

Cedric Williams
Phone: 651-234-7183
E-mail: cedric.williams@state.mn.us

Statewide Planning and GIS Support

Jake Schutt
Phone: 651-234-7192
E-mail: jake.schutt@state.mn.us