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Non-National Highway System culverts

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Scoring criteria for standalone non-national highway system culvert projects. Out of 100 possible points, 50 points are based on the structural condition of the culvert, 20 points are based on the load rating, 15 points are based on the condition of the waterway and channel, and 15 points are based traffic volume.

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MnDOT replaces or rehabilitates most culverts (greater than 10 feet) in conjunction with other projects. However, MnDOT will occasionally select a culvert for a standalone rehabilitation or replacement project.

MnDOT scores culvert condition needs when selecting projects to include in the 10-year Capital Highway Investment Plan. Culverts that carry roads on the National Highway System (NHS) are scored and selected separately from culvert needs off the system. MnDOT’s approach to managing culvert condition follows the guidance and targets in the Transportation Asset Management Plan and the planned outcomes in MnSHIP.

Non-NHS culverts are scored statewide, but prioritized within each district. The selection of standalone culvert projects is informed by district staff, experts from MnDOT’s bridge office and the Bridge Replacement and Improvement Management System (BRIM).

Once selected, MnDOT then identifies and evaluates alternatives and other needs, legal requirements, issues and opportunities in coordination with local partners, and considers public input. In the process, non-culvert work may be added to a culvert project or a culvert project may be combined with a nearby pavement project. Projects may move years based on local coordination, project delivery, timing of other nearby construction projects, and funding shifts.

What was selected

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How the projects scored

The construction costs shown on this list represent a very rough estimate based on limited information available at the time selection decisions were made. Actual construction and delivery costs will change over time as projects go from a concept through the project development process and are eventually constructed. View more detailed scores (Excel).

Last updated October 2021

Score Culvert number Route Key intersection or closest landmark Work Type Year planned (FY)  High level construction cost estimate for planning purposes  Comments
59 8350 MN 21 Broadway St N  Replace   $150,000 Not Selected
52 8284 US 61 Sunrise Prairie Trail Replace   $150,000 Not Selected
48 4933 US 61 Cannon River Replace   $210,000 Not Selected
47 8456 MN 3 Stream near Northfield Replace   $70,000 Not Selected

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