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Special Provisions


When the Design-Bid-Build project is large and/or has major Lump Sum items, the district may choose to use a Clarification process.

Clarification responses are meant to clarify the Bidding Package, but will not be used for material changes. Material changes to the Bidding Package will be made via the addendum process.

Beginning with the Project advertisement and continuing until award of a contract for this Project (or cancellation), no employee, member or agent of any potential contractor, sub-contractor or supplier shall have any ex parte communications regarding this Project with any member of MnDOT, except for communications expressly permitted by the MnDOT Project Engineer. Any potential contractor, sub-contractor or supplier engaging in such prohibited communications may be disqualified at the sole discretion of MnDOT.

All requests for clarifications of the Bidding Package must be in writing and submitted via e-mail addressed to the MnDOT Project Engineer. The request for clarification needs to be as specific as possible, indicating the Proposal Section, Plan Sheet or Pay Item in question.  Only clarifications received in writing will be allowed.

Listed below is the procedure for receiving and responding to BIDDING DOCUMENTS clarification questions: 

  • The resident engineer will retain document control of the clarifications.
  • Clarification questions from teams need to be submitted in writing to the RESIDENT ENGINEER in accordance with the BIDDING DOCUMENTS. MnDOT and the FHWA may also generate clarification questions based on items discussed at any meetings with the teams.
  • The RESIDENT ENGINEER will draft responses to the clarification questions.  All responses need to be fact based (no opinions).  Refer to the BIDDING DOCUMENTS sections when drafting responses, as necessary.  Refer to modifying the BIDDING DOCUMENTS in future addendums when drafting responses, as necessary.

The RESIDENT ENGINEER will draft responses to all questions submitted using the following format:
The Clarification Response Form

  • Clarifications will be numbered sequentially using the format Clarification No. 1, Clarification No. 2, Clarification No. 3, etc:
  • Questions will be numbered as follows (Clarification No. – Clarification Question No.).  For example, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 for questions responded to in Clarification No. 1.  2-1, 2-2, 2-3 for questions responded to in Clarification No. 2.
  • Do not disclose who submitted the clarification question.

The RESIDENT ENGINEER will send a draft to the Special Provision Engineer no later than 4:00 PM each Thursday.  Any questions that cannot be answered by 4:00 PM each Thursday will move to the next clarification the following week or until they are answered. No clarifications will be posted after the Wednesday prior to the bid opening.

The Special Provision Engineer will review and approve the clarification.

The Special Provision Engineer will post the clarification on the E-Plan Room page for the project.

The Special Provision Engineer will send the clarification for review and approval to the FHWA on full federal oversight projects.