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Pre-letting addendum process

An addendum is a supplement to the original proposal form or plan advertisement. It covers additions, corrections, or changes in the bidding conditions for the advertised work. It is issued to prospective bidders prior to the date set for opening of proposals. The Special Provisions Engineer must process any addendums.

To determine the need for an addendum the following questions should be asked and taken into account:

  1. How big of a change is needed?
  2. Do we have a "biddable" package without the addenda?
  3. What is the possible cost of not doing the addenda? Of doing the addenda?
  4. Is there a chance that an unbalanced bidding condition may occur?
  5. Can the change be handled in the field?
  6. Has any information been given to one contractor or supplier, that all need to know?
  7. How much time remains prior to the letting (the closer it is, the harder it will be to assure that all contractors will have time to receive AND consider the new information). The Department will not issue addenda within the last week preceding the letting date.

Once it is determined that an addendum is necessary and it is more than 10 days prior to letting:

  1. Addenda request sent from district to Central Office. (The addenda request should come from the project manager so they are aware of impacts to scope, schedule, or budget.)
  2. Addenda request will include the following:
    • For plan sheet changes:
      1. Place a cloud around area that has been modified.
      2. If plan changes include changes to quantities, include the appropriate information from the Quantity Changes section.
      3. Plan sheet numbers need an “R” after the sheet number (i.e. 39 becomes 39R, etc.)
    • For provision changes:
      1. Provide a description of the change to the provision. See sample addenda language (Word) for examples.
      2. Identify appropriate sections from advertised provisions. Changes may have occurred after the district has submitted original provisions.
    • For quantity changes:
      1. Provide Line Number, Item Number, and Description to be changed from the Bid Schedule of the Proposal.
      2. If changing quantities, provide original quantity and final quantity.
      3. If adding items, provide Item Number from AASHTOWare Project Item List Search with desired quantity.
      4. If adding or changing quantities on items that will impact multiple funding sources in the SEQ, include revised SEQ plan sheets.
  3. Once the request has been submitted, the addenda are prepared by the Project Delivery Office.
  4. The addenda are sent for signature. State Design Engineer is the authorized signature for addenda. ***For projects with federal funding that are PoDI projects, approval is required from FHWA prior to State Design Engineer Signature.
  5. The addenda then is returned to Special Provisions and then posted electronically to all plan holders through the E-Plan Room and Bid Express sites. Notification of the posted addenda is then sent to all plan holders.