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Thinlays as a Preventive Maintenance Treatment

Status: Developing RFP


  1. Develop and/or use an existing 048SMA mix (in MoDOT that mix contains a significant noncarbonate fraction.
  2. Place the mix on a heavily travelled roadway at ¾ and/or 1" thickness.
  3. Perform friction tests at annual intervals
  4. Evaluate mix performance at intervals determined by a TAP or others
  5. Produce a report detailing the sustainability or similar concepts as to the realistic use of this mix type and thickness as a preventive maintenance tool. (This variance as determined by others could include different mix designs with higher percentages of noncarbonates, or it could direct focus on utilizing different emulsions instead of the 76-22 used in MoDOT's SMA mixes)

Thin lays are increasingly grabbing the interests of DOTs and local agencies as a cost-effective alternative in pavement preservation treatments. Developing a research project that defines the usefulness of a SP048 SMA mix will definitively define this mix type's place. The key from MoDOT's view is obtaining end of useful life data for SP048 mix types.

Project team

Technical Liaison: Ashley Buss, Iowa DOT,
Project Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) – email the TAP
Contact us to join this TAP

  • Brandon Brever, MAPA
  • Ashley Buss, Iowa DOT (TL)
  • Jerry Geib, Minnesota DOT
  • Jeffrey Kroner, Missouri DOT
  • Alex Middleton, Mississippi DOT
  • Joseph Podolsky, Minnesota DOT
  • John Senger, Illinois DOT
  • Joel Ulring, Minnesota DOT
  • Stephanie Weigel, North Dakota DOT
  • Tom Wilson, Illinois Tollway

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