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Benefits of Research


Successes and Benefits of MnROAD

Results from MnROAD have made positive impacts within the state of Minnesota and the nation at large. Increases in performance and pavement life have resulted in a reduction in costs for maintenance, repairs, user delays and congestion. Of Minnesota only (granted other states and organizations have also benefited) MnROAD studies are estimated to save $33 million/year (Phase I) and 10.3 million/year (Phase II) which both outweigh our costs.

Phase-II (2007-2016) Benefits

The MnROAD Phase II research initiative combines multi-state funded pooled projects, research initiatives led by public and private partners, and international research.


Phase-I (1994-2006) Benefits

From the start of construction on MnROAD in June 1990 to the conclusion of MnROAD’s first ten years of operation in 2004, engineers at MnROAD researched pavements and collected and analyzed data. Many of these activities were recorded in a number of reports published by Mn/ DOT and others.


Lessons learned