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Hwy 5/West Seventh Street

St. Paul

Engagement report

June 2023

We will be resurfacing the pavement on West Seventh between Munster Ave. and Olive St. in St. Paul. The project will improve mobility and safety for all who use the corridor. Improvements will include:

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Accessibility improvements
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Curb and sidewalk repairs
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Traffic signal replacements

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Safety improvements for people walking or rolling
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Road resurfacing
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Lighting improvements

West 7th Street project map divided into five segments

Scoping alternatives analysis segment map

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In the Issue Identification phase, the project staff solicited community feedback to help identify and prioritize improvements for those who live, work, and/or travel along West Seventh. This feedback was incorporated into a Scoping Alternatives Analysis (SAA), which documents feasible improvements for this type of project. In the SAA, the project was divided into five segments based on the existing cross sections, number of lanes, safety issues, and surrounding land uses. MnDOT developed a community survey to better understand public thoughts on the improvement alternatives in the SAA. The survey was up for public comment between March 30-April 22, 2023.

By the numbers

82 total survey participants, 84 percent of survey participants drive or ride in a personal vehicle, 61 percent of survey participants walk or roll, 56 percent of survey participants are residents of West Seventh Street, 30 percent of survey participants often travel through the project area.

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Survey highlights
Segment Alternative improvement designs for public comment Preference
Segment 1: Between Munster Ave. and I-35E 5 alternatives
Segment 1: option 3
At the St. Paul Avenue intersection, respondents preferred to reduce the intersection skew by reconstructing and realigning the approach.
Segment 2: Between I-35E and St. Clair Ave. 7 alternatives
Segment 2: alternative 2
At Chatsworth St., respondents preferred realigning the street to intersect with Rogers St. north of W. Seventh St., as well as a strong preference for access closures.
Segment 3: Between St. Clair Ave. and Grand Ave. 5 alternatives Respondents overwhelmingly preferred adding pedestrian islands between St. Clair Ave. and Grand Ave.
Segment 4: Between Grand Ave. and Kellogg Blvd. 2 alternatives Respondents preferred converting the road from four-to-three lanes.
Segment 5: Between Kellogg Blvd. and Olive St. 5 alternatives

There were several improvement preferences for segment 5:

  • Four-to-three lane conversion
  • Two-way bicycle lanes on one side
  • Include sidewalk connection on bridge over I-94
  • Eliminate free right-turn lanes at both Kellogg Blvd. and Sixth St. intersections

*To see all of the potential improvements, please visit the project improvements webpage.

Key takeaways

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More greenspace along entire corridor
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If bike lanes
are implemented, strong preference for protected bike lanes
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Request for more traffic calming measures
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Request for more pedestrian safety measures, particularly lighting – noting Hwy 5/W. Seventh is a high residential and business area