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Veta Class 2

This class is optional. It is intended for agency personnel completing the following tasks:

  • Reviewing Veta projects and forms submitted by contractors
  • Reviewing submittals for identification of workmanship issues

Agency personnel who are interested understanding how Veta projects are created are encouraged to take Class 1 for new users.

Complete the class

Review the following modules to help you understand the requirements of (2016) Quality Management – Intelligent Construction Technology Methods:

  • Module 1 (YouTube) – Advanced Materials and Technology (AMT) Website
  • Module 2 (YouTube) – What is the IC and PMTP Technology
  • Module 3 (YouTube) – Special Provision Subsection (A) All Intelligent Construction Technology Methods
  • Module 4 (YouTube) – Special Provision Subsection (B) Paver Mounted Thermal Profile (PMTP) Method
  • Module 5 (YouTube) – Special Provision Subsection (C) Intelligent Compaction (IC) Method
  • Module 6 (YouTube) – Basis of Payment
  • Module 7 (not yet available) – Identification of Workmanship Issues | Paver Mounted Thermal Profile (PMTP) Method
  • Module 8 (not yet available) – Identification of Workmanship Issues | Intelligent Compaction (IC) Method
  • Module 9 (YouTube) – Special Provision Reminders / Updates (12/19)

Download example class files:

Review Module F for instructions on how to complete the AMT-106 form. This form requires updates by the agency daily when the IC and/or PMTP technologies are being used.

Completion of AMT-106 (ICT-106) Form

Review the following modules for Instructions on how to view and analyze data in Veta, and for details on how to review the contractor’s completed AMT-101-102-103 form.

General Toolbar Features
View Filter Groups (Includes Override Filters)
Analyze Data
Agency – Review AMT-101-102-103 (PMTP-101-102 & IC-108) Forms

AMT-107-108-109 (ICT-101-102-103) Forms