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Granite Falls Bridge (Bridge R0657)

Granite Falls Bridge (Bridge R0657)

Bridge R0657
Bridge R0657

History & significance

Bridge R0657 is a three-span, steel suspension pedestrian bridge built in 1935 that crosses the Minnesota River in Granite Falls. It is significant as a rare example of a suspension bridge in Minnesota. The bridge was also built by the Minneapolis Bridge Company, a significant bridge builder in the state.

Rehabilitation activities

To maintain structural integrity of the suspension bridge, it underwent rehabilitation in 2014. The rehabilitation work included raising the bridge piers and abutments, and adjusting the east suspension tower to maintain an even deck elevation. To accommodate the new elevation, the east concrete abutment and approach were rebuilt and an ADA compliant pedestrian ramp installed.


City of Granite Falls (Yellow Medicine County/Chippewa County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.81010196, -95.53733573