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Bridge R0529

Lake Louise State Park Bridge (Bridge R0529)

Bridge R0529

Bridge R0529

History and significance

The Lake Louise State Park Bridge (Bridge R0529) is a single-span, riveted, steel Warren pony truss constructed in 1935 to carry Trunk Highway 24 over the North Fork of the Crow River in Meeker County. In 2011 the bridge was moved to Mower County and it currently serves as a pedestrian bridge at the entrance to Lake Louise State Park. Bridge R0529 is significant within the context of historic steel bridge in Minnesota. It was the longest pony truss span ever built under the state’s supervision and represents the final evolution of the Minnesota Highway Department’s standard plan for the Warren pony truss type.

Rehabilitation activities

Bridge R0529Bridge R0529 was restored and placed on its new home at the entrance into Lake Louise State Park in Mower County. In 2008 the bridge was removed from its original location on Trunk Highway 24 over the North Fork of the Crow River in Meeker County, because it did not have adequate capacity to continue use as a vehicular bridge. At its new site, the DNR will use the bridge for light vehicular traffic and the public will enjoy it for equestrian, pedestrian and bicycle use. Cables were added above the historic railing at the height required to accommodate equestrian use of the bridge. The bridge was reinstalled at its new location in 2011.


City of LeRoy (Mower County)
Latitude, Longitude: 43.53232613, -92.51871758