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Bridge 93863

Bridge 93863

Bridge 93863

Design and construction of a skyway physically and
aesthetically integrated with the overall design,
color,and materials of the National Register-eligible IDS

History and significance

Bridge 93863 is a skyway over Marquette Avenue South in downtown Minneapolis. It is located between 7th and 8th Streets South and connects the Investors Diversified Services Center and the Baker Center. The skyway was constructed in 1969 and is significant as a contributing feature of the National Register-eligible IDS Center, a premier multiple-use block development designed by Philip Johnson that molded the late-twentieth-century Minneapolis skyline and set the stage for the bi-Ievel downtown Minneapolis business and retail district of today.


City of Minneapolis (Hennepin County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.97596179, -93.27120340