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Hwy 56 reconstruction


About this project

Hwy 56 Reconstruction Map
Hwy 56 Reconstruction Map (click to enlarge)

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Construction for this project will now take place in three stages in 2024-2025. Learn more in the traffic impacts section below.

Summary of work

A 1.2-mile stretch of Hwy 56 will be reconstructed in LeRoy to address deteriorating pavement conditions, improve drainage, enhance student crosswalk safety and make pedestrian improvements to meet current accessibility standards. At the same time, the City of LeRoy will replace aging city utilities underneath the road.

When planning this project, MnDOT engaged the community to get their input. Community members shared their concerns about safety on this stretch of Hwy 56 – particularly with vehicles going faster than the speed limit. Because of this community input and data analyzed by MnDOT, this project will reconfigure the Mower Co. Rd 12, Hwy 56 and Main St E intersection to make it safer without impeding traffic flow.

As a part of the planning process, MnDOT has identified several trees along Hwy 56 that will need to be removed. Because many trees are planted right next to the road, they will likely not survive construction. Many of these trees are located on MnDOT property. If any trees that need to be removed are located on private property, MnDOT will notify property owners and provide funds to replace them. Tree clearing work will begin in fall 2023. Tree clearing is done from November through March to protect the endangered long-eared bats that nest in southeastern Minnesota.

A map of which trees will be removed is available for review. Please note, trees marked with a red or green x will be removed.

Road construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2024. Construction is anticipated to be completed by fall 2024. MnDOT also plans to conduct additional landscaping work (tentatively in 2025), which would include adding new trees to boulevards.

The original project schedule was changed to allow MnDOT to absorb the increased cost of the project due to inflation, get necessary land access, and allow more time to collaborate with the city on the street design and other project elements.

Proposed work

  • Reconfigure Mower Co. Rd. 12, Hwy 56 and Main St. E. intersection to improve safety by reducing vehicle speeds while maintaining efficient traffic flow
  • Construct a cul-de-sac west of Mower Co. Rd. 12
  • Create a buffer zone between traffic and parking from Mather St. to Everett St. for biking
  • Improve school crosswalk safety by constructing a bump out at Mower Co. Rd. 14 and creating a wider school parking zone
  • Replace aging storm water, sanitary sewer and water main utilities underneath Hwy 56
  • Extend water main past Ada St.
  • Replace and install new curb and gutter
  • Replace and install new sidewalks
  • Landscaping, such as adding trees to boulevards (likely in 2025)

Details can be viewed on the project layout map.

Traffic impacts

Hwy 56 construction sections
Hwy 56 construction sections (click to enlarge)

Below are project plans and detour routes. Construction will take place in three stages to better align with the city’s sewer reconstruction efforts.

People will be able to reach their destination within the construction zone. However, which direction they take may depend upon the day’s work. The contractor’s public information officer will be available to help with questions.

Stage One

Tentatively: November 1, 2023-March 31, 2024
Crews will remove select trees along the entire corridor. Work will be intermittent. No detours will be used for this work, but some lane closures may occur.

Hwy 56 stage 2a detour map
Hwy 56 stage 2a detour map (click to enlarge)

Stage 2a

Tentatively: May 6, 2024-July 3, 2024 (weather dependent)
Crews will work between Co. Rd. 56 to S Mather St. (green zone) and Everett St. and east of Ada St. (yellow zone). Traffic will be detoured along Co. Rd. 12, 53 and 11, as well as W County Rd. and 105th St.

View the town detour map and the extended detour map.

Hwy 56 stage 2b detour map
Hwy 56 stage 2b detour map (click to enlarge)

Stage 2b

Tentatively: May 6, 2024-Aug. 15, 2024 (weather dependent)
Crews will work between Co. Rd. 56 to S Mather St. (green zone). Traffic will be detoured along Co. Rd. 12, 53 and 11.

View the town detour map and the extended detour map.

Hwy 56 stage 3 detour map
Hwy 56 stage 3 detour map (click to enlarge)

Stage 3

Tentatively: Aug. 15, 2024-Oct. 13, 2024
Once stages 2a and 2b are complete, crews will work between S Mather St. and Everett St (blue zone). Traffic will be detoured right south of Co. Rd. 56 and N Mather St.

View the detour map.