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Hwy 43 reconstruction


About this project

Hwy 43 business access maps
Hwy 43 business access maps

Newer traffic impacts

Traffic changes on Hwy 43/Mankato Ave took place Sept. 9. They are anticipated to last through October.

  • Northbound and southbound traffic will be moved to the new pavement on the west side of the road (the same side as Winona Health). This will allow crews to begin building the other half of the road and roundabouts.
  • Left turns will not be allowed in either direction on Hwy 43/Mankato Ave between Sarnia St and the Hwy 43/61 roundabout. Trying to make left turns will cause traffic backups and there will be times that those side road entrances will be closed for construction.
    • If you are going southbound and you want to go east onto Bruski Dr, Riverbend Rd or Frontenac Dr, you will have to go south to the Hwy 61/43 roundabout and come back north and turn right onto your desired street.
    • If you are going northbound and you want to go west onto Parks Ave South, Riverbend Rd or Parks Ave North, you will have to take a right turn at one of the intersections going east, go around the block and travel west straight across Mankato Ave.

Want to know more about roundabouts?

Pedestrian safety at roundabouts

Watch this video for tips and how pedestrian crossings and traffic work.

Additional resources

Below are additional resources that explain roundabout benefits and tips to navigate them safely.

What can you do during the traffic impacts?
  • If you can take an alternate route or adjust your travel time, you may be able to avoid the lengthy traffic backups on Hwy 61 during this transition.
  • Zipper merge can help. The signs that alert you to take turns at the merge point can help traffic flow better and more safely. Take turns at the merge points. Watch out for your fellow motorists. You can learn more about zipper merge on this link.

Summary of work

Hwy 43 roundabouts project map
Hwy 43 roundabouts project map

Reconstruction of Hwy 43/Mankato Ave. from Sugar Loaf View to Belleview St. began on April 11 and is scheduled to continue until late November 2022. This includes adding roundabouts at the following intersections: Hwy 61, Riverbend Rd., Frontenac Dr., and Sarnia St. Portions of Sarnia St. will also be reconstructed. You can learn more about roundabouts and how to navigate them here.

Stay informed about construction work

Reasons for reconstruction

MnDOT is reconstructing this stretch of Hwy 43 to improve safety and decrease congestion. Thousands of residents, commuters and business owners rely on the 3/4 mile stretch of Hwy 43/Mankato Ave. between Sugar Loaf View and Bellview St. in Winona each day.

This stretch of road needs to be improved. There have been 120 crashes at the Hwy 61 and Hwy 43 intersection over the past 10 years which is the second-highest crash rate for any stretch in southeast Minnesota. People traveling on this road also experience longer-than-average delays and traffic back-ups during rush hour. Meanwhile, pedestrians and bicyclists have a difficult time crossing the road.

Stages of construction

Stages are tentative and may change depending on availability of materials.

  • Create one lane of traffic in each direction on Hwy 61. There will also be some work on the north side of Sarnia St.
  • Reconstruct a significant portion of the Hwy 61/Hwy 43 intersection as well as the eastbound lanes on Hwy 61, East Lake Blvd., the west side of Mankato Ave. from Sugar Loaf View to Frontenac Dr. and the east side of Mankato Ave. from Frontenac Dr. to Belleview St.
  • Work adjacent to the main roadways and a portion of the box culvert replacement located just south of Sarnia St. at Gilmore Creek
  • Reconstruct the east side of Mankato Ave. from Sugar Loaf View to Frontenac Dr., the west side of Mankato Ave. from Frontenac Dr. to Belleview St. and the south side of Sarnia St.
  • Minor work along the highways including median treatments and roundabout center island landscaping.

In addition, final minor construction will take taking place in the spring of 2023.