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Hwy 43 reconstruction



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May 1, 2023 update

Traffic will be detoured on southbound Hwy 43/Mankato Ave. from East Belleview St. to Sarnia St. from May 4 to May 10 for concrete work.

The detour for the closure has traffic going east on East Sanborn Ave., south on Louisa St., west on Frontenac Drive and then back to Hwy 43/Mankato Ave.

In addition, traffic on northbound Hwy 43/Mankato Ave. trying to access westbound Sarnia St. at the roundabout will be detoured from May 4 to May 10. Traffic should continue north on Mankato Ave., turn left (west) on East Sixth St. and then back to Hwy 43/Main St.

Once the southbound work is finished, there will be a few more days of concrete work that will take place. Hwy 43 northbound traffic trying to access northbound Mankato Ave. at the roundabout will be detoured.

Landscaping work is also taking place and it is anticipated that it will be finished the week of June 5, weather permitting.

Nov. 23, 2022 update

Roundabouts are all open on Hwy 43/Mankato Ave.

All of the roundabouts for the Highway 43 project in Winona have opened.

Thank you for your patience during the project and recently as we worked with the winter weather to get the road fully open to traffic.
Here is an update on current construction and the work ahead.

Construction work

Major construction work has wrapped up with the opening of the roundabouts. Traffic can fully use all of the roundabouts along the corridor.

You will see construction crews next week placing additional permanent signs along the project, which replace the temporary signs from construction.

Current plans are for the overhead signs along Highway 43 will be set up the week of Dec. 5. These show directions for entering and exiting the roundabouts. Currently, temporary signs show those directions.

Roundabout reminders

Roundabouts improve safety at intersections and improve the movement of traffic through these area compared with intersections where traffic signals were in place, but we still rely on drivers to be alert and follow the rules of the road.

A few reminders:

  • Watch for pedestrians as you prepare to enter the roundabout
  • The vehicle in the roundabout has the right of way. If you are entering the roundabout, you must yield to vehicles in the roundabout. You’ll see a yield sign as you approach.
  • Slow down as you approach the roundabout. It allows you a better ability to scan for pedestrians and allows you to safely pick your gap in traffic to enter the roundabout to proceed where you want to go.
  • Watch for the vehicle in front of you and be prepared to stop, if they do so.

Looking for more information?  Watch this video for tips and how pedestrian crossings and traffic work.

Additional resources
Below are additional resources that explain roundabout benefits and tips to navigate them safely.

What’s left?

Next spring, there will be some work to put the final touches on the project. For instance, landscaping work will be done in the spring at a time where the plantings and other vegetation can be assured of good growing conditions with temperatures and moisture.

Additionally, crews will be completing work in the median and curbs that weren’t completed this season. There are likely to be some short-term lane closures next spring when that work is done.

Questions? Here's who to contact:
  • Businesses that have questions or concerns about access may contact Hoffman Construction’s access manager, Kyle Pedersen, at 715-896-2038 or kpedersen@hoffmanconstructionco.com
  • Mike Dougherty | MnDOT District 6 Director of Public Engagement and Communications | 507-251-2749
  • Mark Anderson | MnDOT Construction Project Manager | 507-205-6400