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Hwy 19 repaving

Cannon Falls


Letters were sent to stakeholders regarding the presentations from the open house on February 5th.
If you are directly affected by the project and didn't receive a letter, please contact Cindy Morgan (cindy.morgan@state.mn.us / 507-951-6593). She will add you to the contact list and provide a project overview.

About this project

Hwy 19 construction project map

This 2022 project in Cannon Falls includes repaving Hwy 19 from Hwy 20 to Almond Street as well as changes to the intersection at Hwy 20 and sidewalk improvements that meet the current Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards. 

Some features at the intersection of Hwy 19 and Hwy 20 are being considered to improve safety for people and motorists.  The project also includes replacement of the traffic signal.

Many of the proposed changes to the sidewalks within the project area are because of the need to meet ADA regulations.  In some places, the steep terrain creates many challenges in complying with those regulations and has resulted in some significant changes, including the consideration of constructing new sidewalks along 1st St. and State St. Please visit the Design Concepts tab for additional details and information about ADA standards and how they influenced the selection of certain design features.

Traffic impacts


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