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Final Environmental Impact Statement

An EIS has two parts, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and the FEIS. These documents discuss the environmental impacts of a proposed federal Class I action. It is a full disclosure, decision-making document, used for actions which may cause significant environmental impacts. 
A decision to prepare an EIS is made either:

  • After early coordination and studies indicate potential for significant impacts, or
  • When review of comments received on a project's Environmental Assessment indicates potentially significant impacts

View FEIS (PDF 28.5 MB)

Record of Decision

An ROD is the federal environmental decision document, issued by FHWA, which explains the reasons for the project decision summarizes any mitigation measures that will be incorporated in the project, and documents any required Section 4(f) approval.

View ROD (PDF 12.6 MB)

Adequacy Determination

The AD is the final environmental decision in the state environmental review program.  It is the determination which concludes the state process, and allows a major project to proceed to detail design, right of way acquisition, letting and construction.

View AD (PDF 8.5 MB)

TH14 Safety Audit Report

A safety audit report examines a section of roadway and the crashes occurring on it.  After studying primary factors contributing to crashes, crashes are examined to determine if the quantity and severity are above normal for this type of roadway.  Safety improvement strategies and preventative measures are then suggested to reduce the crash types occurring on the roadway.

View Audit (PDF 3 MB)

Available at the Rochester District Headquarters

Rochester District Headquarters
2900 48th St. NW
Rochester, MN 55901

  • Scoping document
  • Access and interchange study report
  • Draft Environmental Impact Statement
  • County Road 6 access closure analysis
  • Hwy 14 final EIS - noise analysis
  • Hwy 14 intersection control evaluation report