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Labor Compliance

Learn to enter and submit electronic payroll

Use MnDOT’s CRL Interactive E-Learning Tool

  • Interactive exercises to develop your knowledge and understanding of the CRL system
  • Step by step processes for electronic Certified Payroll, Prompt Payment, and the Bidder/Quoter.
  • References materials
  • Six self-directed interactive lessons listed in the Topic Menu.

Gain access to MnDOT AASHTOWare

Companies must be registered as vendors in MNDOT AASHTOWare system to obtain login access for employees or designated representatives to enter payrolls, bidder-quoter and payments. You will receive a confirmation email once all the steps are completed.

Step 1: Check vendor registration status

  • Check to see if your company is a registered vendor in the MnDOT AASHTOWare by searching

Step 2: Create login

Step 3: Submit form

Access AASHTOWare

Use our tools

Our tools are specifically designed for MnDOT electronic reporting.

Spreadsheet tools

  • Payroll Spreadsheet - Basic (Excel) - Updated 8-12-19
    • No added formulas by MnDOT; however, you can add them yourself.
    • All worksheets are protected. You can contact us if you need the spreadsheet unlocked (not advised).
    • Compatible with Excel 2007 or Excel 2015 (free version with Office 365) or if your computer system has formula issues with the Payroll Spreadsheet – Formulas and Names (Excel).
  • Payroll Spreadsheet - Formulas and Names (Excel) - Updated 8-12-19
    • Basic Spreadsheet with Formulas, Pop-ups cell explanations
    • Worksheet Tabs for: Project Ids, Resource Page (hyperlinks to tools), Employee Information which allows you to list your employees and their information, which will populate a list for the dropdown arrow on the “Payroll Form” (labor block), once selected the employee information fields will populate.
    • If you want to remove the employee name and information, just select the “Select Employee” from the dropdown.
    • Compatible with 2010 or newer Excel.

XML tools

  • Spreadsheet conversion tool to convert the spreadsheet to XML format — converter is located at the bottom of the tool link page. (Do not use the "general-purpose version of the payroll spreadsheet" on that website.)
  • XML resource kit or online validator – another tool to check your XML Schema is formatted correctly, by highlighting areas on their XML that are causing import issues.