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Civil Rights

Promoting equal opportunity for businesses and workers on transportation

Collaborative and subcommittees

Results and Transparency Committee

The Results and Transparency Committee is a subcommittee of the Collaborative that:

  • Reviews projects, workforce goals, and progress in hiring women and people of color on highway construction projects
  • Provides consultation and support to contractors and MnDOT as needed when workforce goals are not being met

The committee meets online at 2:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Ralph Wyman serves as chairperson. Agenda includes the following:

  • Introductions
  • Approve Minutes
  • MnDOT Office of Civil Rights Updates
  • Project Updates
  • New/Other Business
  • Next Committee Meeting Date

Participants include stakeholders from different industry groups including:

  • Community representatives
  • Contractors
  • Employment and business advocates
  • MnDOT – Civil Rights and other divisions
  • Government agencies
  • Training program representatives
  • Tribal employment rights officers and representatives
  • Unions
  • Other industry partners

Meetings are open to the public. Any organization or individual committed to increasing people of color and women participation in the highway construction industry may benefit from involvement in the Results and Transparency Committee.

Key projects are identified based on:

  • Greatest potential for employment
  • Areas with significant people of color and female workforces
  • High dollar value
  • High profile projects
  • Other factors

MnDOT collects contractors’ payroll information. On a monthly basis, MnDOT compiles and analyzes the payroll data into a report. The report is reviewed by the committee during the monthly meetings.

The report covers workforce participation data for each project from the most recent three months.

Workforce Participation Goals are expressed in percentages of the total hours of employment for women and people of color working on the project. Each project has different goals depending on the region, county, and stated commitment.

Project information

  • District – MnDOT-assigned region throughout MN
  • SP# –  MnDOT state project number
  • Location – brief description of the project area
  • Prime Contractor– name of the prime contractor controlling the construction of the project
  • Estimated Start and End Dates – date estimated to be the beginning and end of the project
  • Value – contract value of the project in millions
  • Percent Complete – percentage of the total project value that has been paid to contractors
  • Orange Box – indicates a State Aid project

Workforce information

  • MDHR Goal – workforce goal set by Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR) in percentage of total hours for people of color and women working on the project
  • Committed Goal – contractor’s committed percentage of hours for people of color and women working on the project (projects valued at less than $5 million will not have a committed goal)
  • Total Hours – total number of hours worked on the project
  • People of Color Hours – number of hours worked by people of color on the project
  • People of Color Percent – percentage of hours people of color worked on the project
  • Women Hours – number of hours worked by women on the project
  • Women Percent – percentage of hours women worked on the project
  • Green Box – indicates the project is meeting its committed goal and/or MDHR goal
  • Yellow Box – indicates the project is within 1% of meeting its committed goal and/or MDHR goal
  • Red Box – indicates the project is not meeting its committed goal and/or MDHR goal