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Bicycling in Minnesota | Routes and Maps | U.S. Bicycle Route 20

U.S. Bicycle Route 20

Photo by James Feist, Explore Alexandria Tourism / Central Lakes Trail

Rivers, Lakes and Prairies

USBR 20 (312 miles) combines existing roads and trails to bring bicyclists from Moorhead and the North Dakota border to Hastings and the Wisconsin border.

Travelling through scenic Minnesota prairies and past dozens of the state’s 10,000 lakes, USBR 20 invites cyclists to visit a series of small and historic towns parallel to Interstate 94. It takes advantage of several state and regional trails, with more than two-thirds of the route on paved trails. USBR 20 passes through Maplewood State Park and offers access to dozens of lakes with opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating and bird watching.

USBR 20 meets USBR 45/Mississippi River Trail in St. Cloud, and follows the same route until Hastings, where it diverges to cross into Wisconsin. It also connects with US Bicycle Route 41 in Saint Paul. Amtrak’s Empire Builder train has stops in Saint Paul/Minneapolis, St. Cloud and Fargo along USBR 20, giving the option for an easy and scenic return trip.

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