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Asset Management

Steering committee


The Asset Management Steering Committee is responsible for the development, updates and monitoring of the enhancements outlined in the TAMP, and oversight of Transportation Asset Management System development and other asset management initiatives. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring that the asset management principles promoted in the TAMP are fully embraced at all levels of the agency to help ensure that the anticipated performance outcomes are met.

Asset management governance and corresponding responsibilities extend beyond those required under the legislation. Responsibilities must include plans for expanding the assets that are covered in future TAMPs and for monitoring the agency’s success. As a result, it was recommended during TAMP development that an Asset Management (governance) Steering Committee be established.



  • Tim Sexton, Interim Asst. Commissioner, SPPM
  • Michael Beer, Interim Asst. Commissioner, Engineering Services
  • Jay Hietpas, Asst. Commissioner, Operations


  • Trisha Stefanski, Committee Co-Chair, Asset Management Project Manager
  • Shaker Rabban, Committee Co-Chair, Asset Management Planning Director
  • Chris Roy, Asst Division Director, Operations
  • Jeff Perkins, Asst Division Director, Operations
  • Lynn Clarkowski, Interim Asst Commissioner, Engineering Services
  • Jon Solberg, Interim Asst Division Director SPPM
  • Jed Falgren, State Maintenance Engineer
  • Kyle Lake, MBMT Chair
  • Todd Stevens, Maintenance Engineer, Metro District
  • Philip Schaffner, Program Manager, Statewide Planning, SPPM
  • Peter Eakman, FHWA Asset Management Engineer, FHWA

Support staff

  • Brad Utecht, Investment Planning Director, Office of Transportation System Management
  • Michael Cremin, Engineer Principal, Asset Management Project Office