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MnDOT Utility Accommodation on Highway Right of Way Policy and Procedures
This policy prescribes practices and procedures to regulate and accommodate utility facilities along, across, or on the right of way of all trunk highways and other transportation facilities under the jurisdiction of the Minnesota Commissioner of Transportation. This policy applies to all public and private utilities. It covers all existing utility facilities retained, relocated, replaced, or altered, and new utility facilities installed on State right of way, including those needed for highway purposes (for example, highway lighting or service to a weigh station, rest area, or recreation area

MnDOT Utility Accommodation and Coordination Manual (PDF)
The MnDOT Utility Accommodation on Highway Right of Way Policy, which the Federal Highway Administration requires of all states to receive federal dollars, consists of both a policy document and a Utility Accommodation Section that is part of the updated Utility Accommodation and Coordination Manual (PDF) that outlines the technical components of utility accommodation. Utility owners must fulfill the requirements of both the policy document and Utility Accommodation Section. The new Utility Accommodation and Coordination Manual includes information and requirements about utility accommodation and utility coordination.

Buy America
A federal legal requirement, Buy America requires utility owners under certain circumstances to buy and use steel that is manufactured in America. It applies to utility relocations and new utility installations that are related to highway construction projects.

Maps, databases and additional guidance

MnDOT Electronic Document Access
Includes right of way maps, historical permits, and road and bridge plans.

Roadway data
List of counties with assigned number, control section map, reference post map and much more.

Traffic Control Manual
To assist in determining what type of traffic control will be required.

Mechanically stabilized earth type walls and special design embankments
MnDOT may choose to not allow utilities in and around these walls and embankments, and if allowed, special care must be taken when installing utilities near these structures. MnDOT has developed maps for the Metro District to show the location of these structures. Please review these areas, and be aware that restrictions for utility placement may exist.

MnDOT trunk highway freeway design and special condition road sections - NO PARALLEL INSTALLATIONS (PDF)
Lists MnDOT road sections that are built to a freeway design standard (as well as proposed future freeway segments) with full control of access and that require special permitting procedures.

Environmental requirements (DOCX)
Provides guidance regarding NPDES, SWPPP, asbestos, scenic areas, contaminated soils, and vegetation.

Electric and communication line clearances (PDF)
Provides required height clearances over or along MnDOT roads.

Transmission line guidelines (PDF)
Provides guidance for transmission line routing on or near Minnesota trunk highways.


AASHTO policy (PDF)
Establishes procedures for state transportation agencies to administer the accommodation of utilities on freeways and applies to all highways with full control of access, regardless of ownership.

AASHTO guidelines (PDF)
Offers guidance for state transportation agencies in establishing and administering reasonable uniform utility accommodation policies.

Minnesota Statues and Rules

State statutes and rules govern many aspects of utility placement and relocation.

Minnesota Statutes § 161.20, "General Powers of Commissioner"
Minnesota Statutes § 161.45, "Utility on Highway Right of way; Relocation"
Minnesota Statutes § 161.46, "Reimbursement of Utility"
Minnesota Statutes § 222.37, subd 2, "Public Road; Use, Restriction - Pipeline"
Minnesota Statutes Ch. 216D, "Excavation Notice System"

Minnesota Administrative Rules Part 7560 "Excavation Notice System"
Minnesota Administrative Rules Part 8810.3100, “Definitions"
Minnesota Administrative Rules Part 8810.3200, "Purpose and Scope"
Minnesota Administrative Rules Part 8810.3300, "Permits"
Minnesota Administrative Rules Part 8810.3400, "Standards for Work Conducted Under Permit"
Minnesota Administrative Rules Part 8810.3500, "Aerial Lines"
Minnesota Administrative Rules Part 8810.3600, "Underground Lines"