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Notice of Proposed Amendment-11th Edition of the National MUTCD

MnDOT submitted almost 700 comments on the Notice of Proposed Amendment for the MUTCD.  Our comments can be found at MnDOT's Comments of the 2020 NPA (PDF).  Our cover letter can be found at MnDOT’s Cover Letter (PDF).

Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MN MUTCD)

This manual contains standards for traffic control devices that regulate, warn and guide road users along all roadways within the State of Minnesota. Purchase printed copies.

Sections Parts Files
MN MUTCD Entire document PDF (57 MB)
Front Cover, Cover Letter & Commissioner's Order, Table of Contents   PDF (2 MB)
Forward, Introduction, and Record of Revisions   PDF (439 KB)
General Provisions Part 1 PDF (814 KB)
Signs Part 2


2A PDF (364 KB)

Regulatory Signs

2B PDF (3 MB)

Warning Signs and Object Markers

2C PDF (3 MB)

Guide Signs - Conventional Roads

2D PDF (3.33 MB)

Guide Signs - Freeways and Expressways

2E PDF (2.2 MB)

Toll Road Signs

2F PDF (472 KB)

Preferential and Managed Lane Signs

2G PDF (4 MB)

General Information Signs

2H PDF (2 MB)

General Service Signs

2I PDF (695 KB)

Specific Service (Logo) Signs

2J PDF (154 KB)

Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs

2K PDF (110 KB)

Changeable Message Signs

2L PDF (88 KB)

Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Signs

2M PDF (666 KB)

Emergency Management Signing

2N PDF (373 KB)
Markings Part 3 PDF (23 MB)
Highway Traffic Signals Part 4 PDF (1 MB)
Traffic Control Devices for Low Volume Roads Part 5 PDF (263 KB)
Temporary Traffic Control Part 6 (A-J) PDF (5 MB)
Minnesota Temporary Traffic Control Field Manual 6K Link
Traffic Controls for School Areas Part 7 PDF (13 MB)
Traffic Control for Railroad and Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings Part 8 PDF (753 KB)
Traffic Controls for Bicycle Facilities Part 9 PDF (1.6 MB)
Appendix Appendix A-C PDF (7.8 MB)

Congressional Legislation

Appendix A1 PDF (35 KB)

Metric Conversions

Appendix A2 PDF (21 KB)

Retroreflective Sheeting ID Guide

Appendix A3 PDF (3.3 MB)

Sign Listing

Appendix C PDF (4.6 MB)

Subject Index

  PDF (1 MB)