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Grantee Guidance: Scope of Work and Budget Amendment Procedure

Unexpected things happen and sometimes the terms of a grant agreement need to be modified. Limited changes to the work plan budget may be made via written approval from the SRTS project manager however more significant changes must be approved via a grant agreement amendment.
Changes which require a grant agreement amendment include, but are not limited to, the following:  

  • Extension to the grant period
  • A change in goals or tasks in the Scope of Work
  • Request to add or subtract budget categories/line items
  • A budget adjustment that increases or decreases the total grant agreement
Criteria for Requests

The criteria SRTS staff use to consider requests for grant agreement amendments and work plan revisions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Project delays due to inclement weather, contractor pullout, staff vacancies/illness, timelines associated with additional project funding sources, or other circumstances beyond the grantee’s control.
  • Whether the requested change continues to fit the original intent of the grant. For example, adjusted project meets the eligibility requirements of the funding source, outcomes and activities are similar to the original project, life expectancy of the project is substantially the same or greater, etc.
  • Cost changes from originally approved budgeted amounts such as shifts in spending from originally approved budget.
  • Grant Agreement Amendments and Scope of Work Revisions must be approved before final payment is requested.   

Contact the SRTS project manager to discuss eligibility.

The procedure to submit a grant agreement amendment request is as follows:
  1. The grantee should consult the SRTS project manager as early as possible for guidance and at least 3 months prior to the end of the grant agreement.
  2. The grantee must provide a written request for a grant agreement amendment to SRTS project manager.  The request should include:
    • Contract number and grant agreement name
    • The purpose and extent of the request; i.e., extension to the grant period, change to an approved budgeted amount, or a modification to the project
    • Explain why the original grant agreement cannot be completed as approved, in consideration of the criteria above
    • Describe how the grant agreement amendment or work plan revision will affect the originally proposed project and/or any additional outcomes which will be achieved
    • A brief narrative of the proposed changes
    • If an amendment to the budget is being requested, use the Contract Agreement Budget Line Item Change Request form to show how the budget is anticipated to change
    • Reference to the original grant agreement resolution which provides for the authorized representative to sign a grant agreement amendment
  3. Upon submission of a grant amendment request the SRTS project manager will review and select from the following:
    • If the request is approved, the SRTS project manager will submit to grantee for review and approval.  The amendment must be signed by the authorized representative according to the original grant agreement resolution. The grant agreement amendment must be executed by the grantee and MnDOT prior to expiration of the grant agreement.
    • If the request is denied, the SRTS project manager will provide the grantee written reasons for the denial.
  4. Once signed by all parties, the fully executed grant agreement amendment will be shared with the grant recipient, and they will be given Notice to Proceed.