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Community Roadside Landscape Partnership Program

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Application process

MnDOT designed projects

If your community would like to request design assistance from MnDOT Landscape Architects/Designers, please do the following:

  • Submit a letter to your district representative from an authorized representative of the community, stating that your community would like design assistance for a landscaping project. Please include the community name, the location of the project, the state highway that it will be located on, and a contact person.
  • You will be contacted by either the local district contact or the landscape architect/designer to discuss the project and the hopeful timeline.

Community designed projects

If your community is designing the project yourself, either as a part of a city/county road design project (that may cross a state highway) or as a volunteer (ie eagle scout) project, or as part of a larger community effort, you will need to submit an application to the appropriate district contact. The application deadlines for fall and spring plantings are listed. The application must contain a resolution from the community/city stating the communities desire to enter into a cooperative agreement with MnDOT; include a plan, showing the location of the project site, and in relation to the community; A list of potential volunteers, if the project is to be installed by volunteers; and cost estimate of the project.

Project management

After your request is received by the district, the Statewide Landscape Partnership Program coordinator will assign a project manager for the proposed partnership project. The project manager will work with the community contact to help the community through the many project steps for a successful project.