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NOTE: The Monday, Oct. 5 meeting has been canceled. The next meeting will be rescheduled.


Forum meetings occur on the first Monday of every month.

Intercity Passenger Rail Transportation Forum

MnDOT adopted a Comprehensive Statewide Freight and Passenger Rail Plan in February 2010. The plan was mandated by the 2008 Minnesota Legislature (Chapter 350, Article 1, Section 66, Subdivision 1be) and is a prerequisite for participation in federal funding.


Stakeholders need to remain collectively aware of ongoing passenger rail initiatives and be responsive to immediate funding opportunities. MnDOT established a group called the Intercity Passenger Rail Transportation Forum to advise them on how to keep those or other projects underway while the state rail plan is prepared. This Forum is separate from the Policy and Technical Advisory Committees established by the State Rail Plan, though it has some common membership with the Policy Advisory Committee.



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  1. Recommend and coordinate projects, through a consensus process, for which the Minnesota Department of Transportation should seek funding through the Federal Railroad Administration's state-level programs while a comprehensive statewide freight and passenger rail plan is being developed, and
  2. Advise the Commissioner of Transportation in an ongoing process on implementation of the comprehensive statewide freight and passenger rail plan.


Learn more about Minnesota passenger rail governance and financing implementation (PDF 1 MB)

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