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10-Year Capital Highway Investment Plan


MnDOT's 10-Year Capital Highway Investment Plan

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What is the 10-Year CHIP?

The 10-Year Capital Highway Investment Plan (CHIP) details MnDOT’s capital highway investments for the next ten years on the state highway network. The primary purpose of the document is to communicate programmed and planned capital highway projects over the next 10 years. The document serves as a check to ensure that MnDOT is meeting the investment levels and performance outcomes identified in MnDOT's 20-year State Highway Investment Plan, MnSHIP, and explains any change in direction or outcomes from the investment direction.

Listed projects communicate investments to other agencies and partners, and allow opportunities to coordinate on the construction and funding of projects with other jurisdictions. Each year, MnDOT district staff use the most recent 10-year CHIP to better communicate, partner and coordinate with regional stakeholders to make the most of the state’s investment decisions.  This communication is aided by an interactive map of projects available on MnMAP -- MnDOT's collaborative GIS website.

The first four years represents state highway projects in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)representing MnDOT’s committed construction program. The CHIP also identifies projects in the six years after the current STIP as the agency’s planned investments. While projects are not commitments until they reach the State Transportation Improvement Program, listing the agency’s priorities 5-10 years out allows for advanced coordination and ultimately better, more appropriate projects for all those served.

Each of MnDOT’s eight districts has a project-specific 10-Year District Capital Highway Investment Plan, found below. 

2017-2026 10-Year Capital Highway Investment Plan Documents

Statewide 10-Year Capital Highway Investment Plan
MnDOT district map

MnDOT District Boundaries

2017-2026 10-Year District Capital Highway Investment Plan

Files are provided in Adobe PDF format with ADA accessibility features.

This document was previously known as the 10-Year Capital Highway Work Plan. For the 2016-2025 documents, please visit our resources page.