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10-Year Capital Highway Investment Plan


2020-2029 District CHIPs

What is in the District CHIPs?

Each district CHIP includes an overview of the district, planned investments, and list of planned projects over the next ten years. The district CHIPs also highlight district investment strategies and projected 10-year outcomes based on the 10-year list of projects. Projects in the first four years show an estimated breakdown of project cost by investment category since these projects are further along in the project scoping process. Projects outside of four years do not include estimated cost breakdowns as these projects are less defined.

2020-2029 10-Year District CHIP Project List

District 1 CHIP
District 2 CHIP
District 3 CHIP
District 4 CHIP
District 6 CHIP
District 7 CHIP
District 8 CHIP
Metro District CHIP

Project Selection Policy

In 2017, the Minnesota Legislature directed the Minnesota Department of Transportation to develop and implement a new transparent and objective project selection policy. MnDOT adopted the new project selection policy in November 2018 and implemented the policy during the development of the 2020-2029 CHIP. State highway projects in the CHIP this year identify the project score and the project selection program it was selected from. Projects which were selected and included in the 2019-2022 STIP do not have a score listed because they were selected before implementation of the project selection policy. More information on the project selection policy and the lists of candidate projects can be found here.

What if I have questions or comments on a project?

Good! We welcome comments and questions about projects. One of the reasons MnDOT started identifying potential projects 10 years in advance is to better coordinate and communicate potential projects before they reach the 4-year STIP. MnDOT generally begins scoping projects 5 to 6 years in advance, which are 2023 and 2024 for this year’s CHIP. Now is the best time to provide a comment on projects planned for those years. The best way to find information about a project in years 5-10 is to contact the district planning director. They are listed below:
District 1 Planning Director: Bryan Anderson, bryan.anderson@state.mn.us
District 2 Planning Director: Nancy Graham, nancy.graham@state.mn.us
District 3 Planning Director: Steve Voss, steve.voss@state.mn.us
District 4 Planning Director: Mary Safgren, mary.safgren@state.mn.us
District 6 Planning Director: Heather Lukes, heather.lukes@state.mn.us
District 7 Planning Director: Ronda Allis, ronda.allis@state.mn.us
District 8 Planning Director: Lindsey Bruer, lindsey.bruer@state.mn.us
Metro District Planning: Molly McCartney, molly.mccartney@state.mn.us

To comment, click on their name and an email will appear with their address. If you have general questions about the CHIP and the project development process, please email Josh Pearson, joshua.pearson@state.mn.us, or use the comment box below.