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10-Year Capital Highway Investment Plan

MnDOT's 10-Year Capital Highway Investment Plan

What is the 10-Year CHIP?

The 10-year Capital Highway Investment Plan details MnDOT’s capital highway investments for the next ten years on the state highway network. The CHIP is updated yearly to remove projects that are currently being constructed, adjust timing of existing planned projects, and add new planned projects. The primary purpose of the document is to communicate programmed and planned capital highway projects over the next 10 years. The document serves as a check to ensure that MnDOT is meeting the investment levels and performance outcomes identified in MnDOT's 20-year State Highway Investment Plan, MnSHIP, and explains any change in direction or outcomes from the investment direction.

The first four years represent state highway projects in the State Transportation Improvement Program which is MnDOT’s committed construction program. The CHIP also identifies projects in the six years after the current STIP which are the agency’s planned investments. While projects are not commitments until they reach the STIP, listing potential projects 5-10 years out allows for advanced coordination and ultimately better projects for all those served.

Draft 2019-2028 10-Year CHIP Document

PDFs of the District CHIP Project Lists are listed below. The lists are currently in draft form. This communication is aided by an interactive map of projects available on MnMAP -- MnDOT's collaborative GIS website.

2019-2028 Statewide 10-Year CHIP

Statewide CHIP Overview (Coming Fall 2018)

2019-2028 10-Year District CHIP Project Lists

District 1 CHIP
District 2 CHIP
District 3 CHIP
District 4 CHIP
District 6 CHIP
District 7 CHIP
District 8 CHIP
Metro District CHIP

What if I have questions or comments on a project?

Good! We welcome comments and questions about projects. One of the reasons MnDOT started identifying potential projects 10 years in advance is to better coordinate and communicate potential projects before they reach the 4-year STIP. MnDOT generally begins scoping projects 5 to 6 years in advance, which are 2023 and 2024 for this year’s CHIP. Now is the best time to provide a comment on projects planned for those years. The best way to find information about a project in years 5-10 is to contact the district planning director. They are listed below:

District 1 Planning Director: Bryan Anderson, bryan.anderson@state.mn.us
District 2 Planning Director: Darren Laesch, darren.laesch@state.mn.us
District 3 Planning Director: Steve Voss, steve.voss@state.mn.us
District 4 Planning Director: Mary Safgren, mary.safgren@state.mn.us
District 6 Planning Director: Ronda Allis, ronda.allis@state.mn.us
District 7 Planning Director: Lisa Bigham, lisa.bigham@state.mn.us
District 8 Planning Director: Lindsey Bruer, lindsey.bruer@state.mn.us
Metro District Planning: Lynne Bly, lynne.bly@state.mn.us

To comment, click on their name and an email will appear with their address. If you have general questions about the CHIP and the project development process, please email Brad Utecht, joshua.pearson@state.mn.us, or use the comment box below.

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