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MnDOT is dedicated to the efficient movement of freight and commodities within Minnesota, including the movement of freight by truck, rail, water, and air. The freight office is engaged in many activities related to both freight planning and operations.


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MnDOT invites freight stakeholders to nominate designations on the National Multimodal Freight Network

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is in the process of developing statewide recommendations for the final National Multimodal Freight Network as part of our compliance with the FAST Act of 2015. MnDOT is accepting nominations for additional designations to this network from freight stakeholders, metropolitan planning organizations, local governments and the public.

This national network will contain the major modes of freight transportation including highways, railways navigable waterways, airports, and pipelines. The purpose of this network is to:

  1. Assist States in strategically directing resources toward improved system performance for the efficient movement of freight on the NMFN;
  2. Inform freight transportation planning;
  3. Assist in the prioritization of Federal investment; and
  4. Assess and support Federal investments to achieve the national multimodal freight policy goals.

Additional information:
Nomination announcemnent letter
Map of existing interim National Multimodal Freight Network

Please send any nominations to: FreightPlans.DOT@state.mn.us via email or to Andrew Andrusko, Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations, 395 John Ireland Blvd, Mail Stop 470, Saint Paul, MN 55155