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New Ideas

MnROAD is looking for new and innovative test sections, research needs, and other ideas to take advantage of the MnROAD facility.  We invite NRRA members and others to participate in this effort. Here are ways you can participate through IdeaScale, which will require you to create a login and password. Ideas you enter yourself can be edited by you later (and also by some of the MnROAD staff). NRRA ideas the chairs can also edit as needed. 

MnROAD Test Section/Maintenance Ideas

New Test Section Ideas

MnRoad Test Section Availability

1. Enter ideas into IdeaScale that you want considered for future test sections and maintenance ideas at MnROAD. 
--Attaching a workplan is suggested for more detail (can be done anytime)
2. People can comment and show interest in the ideas.
3. Authors and MnDOT staff can update the ideas per the comments received.
4. MnROAD will use this list for future planning and discussion with NRRA, MnDOT, and the LRRB.

MnROAD Partnerships / Use of the MnROAD facility

MnROAD also supports many partnerships that are not a part of NRRA, involves building test sections, or even related to traditional pavement design.  Use this method to contact us and talk about your ideas.  

1. Email MnROAD the initial idea.
2. MnROAD staff will contact you and discuss your need in more detail