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Hwy 169 Corridor Belle Plaine Area Plan

Belle Plaine

About this project

The Hwy 169 Corridor Belle Plaine Area Plan was prepared and funded through the MnDOT Interregional Corridor Partnership program, established to encourage state and local cooperation to ensure the long-term performance of Minnesota’s Interregional Corridor system. The partnership for this study included:

  • MnDOT Metro District
  • City of Belle Plaine
  • Scott County
  • Belle Plaine, Blakely and St. Lawrence Townships

Due to the anticipated increase in traffic volumes and the corresponding safety and mobility problems, the Hwy 169 corridor management plan recommended transitioning Hwy 169 to a freeway facility (limited access, no at-grade intersections) from I-494 to the City of Belle Plaine. In order to achieve this goal, MnDOT undertook this study to assist local agencies in further defining interchange locations and frontage/backage road connections along both sides of Hwy 169 between County Road 53 and County Road 66.

The identification of a local road network and interchange system, including land needed for future public uses, allows both public and private property owners to adjust their building plans equitably and conveniently before future investments are made. If major developments and investments in commercial and retail businesses are made without considering long-term access to Hwy 169, the ability of the local agencies and MnDOT to implement the recommendations of the Hwy 169 corridor management plan may be seriously hampered. Having a long-term transportation and access plan in place will provide local agencies with a tool to guide development and redevelopment in the area in order to optimize both public and private investments.

Hwy 169 Corridor Belle Plaine Area Plan (PDF 3.8 MB)