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Checklists and sample plan

We've developed review checklists and a sample plan that depicts what our product should look like to help designers prepare individual plan sheets for roadway construction projects. It's made up of individual plan sheets, narratives and checklists. The plan sheet shows a sample of what each sheet should look like. The narrative section provides a list of references and general information relative to that sheet. The checklist provides a quick final checkoff of appropriate information to be included on that sheet. The sample plan also has a general information section that offers less sheet specific guidelines for preparing a roadway construction plan.

Design software

We use Microstation for our CADD applications. We also use Geopak as our design software to develop alignment, profiles, inplace and proposed cross sections. Our cross sections then provide us with quantities of materials, which are tabulated electronically. We also use Geopak to develop 3-D models in an effort to "visualize" our projects. 

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