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Right of Way Mapping and Monitoring

View, save and print MnDOT Right of Way, Plat, and Railroad Maps

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Watch for a new version of the Right of Way Mapping and Monitoring (RWMM) application at the end of the month.


Access to Maps

The map allows you to do a spatial search of the statewide map to graphically select and view a Right of Way, Plat, or Railroad map.


Using the Tools:
Depending on which BaseMap data set you choose you will have a basic set of tools and sometimes a more advanced set of tools. These tool sets can be opened or removed entirely.

navigation toolbox

Navigation Toolbox

Which includes zoom in and out, zoom to full extent of the state, pan, and information identification.


project toolbox

Project Toolbox


markup toolbox

Markup Toolbox


selection toolbox

Selection Toolbox



User Tips

Printing and Pop-up Blocking:

Pop-up blocking will need to be disabled in order for you to print any maps and use other features available on this Web site.


You can also add this site to your list of sites where pop ups are allowed.


Viewing the Right of Way GIS Map:

This map is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 * 768 or higher with colors set to thousands or higher.


You may encounter problems if you try to stretch the image onto two or more computer screens.


Common GIS layers may include:

Right of way, Plat, and Railroad-related layers may include:


Missing Attachments to Some Maps


Several hundred maps in the collection have attachments that may not appear with the map footprint or the rest of the map roll.  These attachments were part of the original roll map and consist of title pages, inserts or other pertinent components. 


These attachments were not initially made part of the map footprint because their content did not include actual ground features that would enable their spatial referencing.  Late in the development of this application and prior to releasing this data a decision was made to join these attachments with the adjoining map sheet. 


You will know when you encounter one of these joined pair of images because the viewed image will extend outside of the map footprint.  Due to the high number of maps in this situation some are still being joined and therefore are not available in the spatial application tool. 


Warning: You will not know if an attachment exists where the merging of images has yet to take place. 


If your map appears to be missing the title page or an inset you can see and download the full map by following this link:  MnDOT Electronic Document Access



CAD file attribute issues in AutoVue


Some errors in displaying line style attributes have been reported by several districts when viewing MicroStation files through AutoVue.


The display problems are a result of missing resource files.  It has been found that referencing these files through AutoVue usually results in correcting the attributes to the file in question but then negatively affects other MicroStation files.


It has been decided that no resources will be allotted to resolve the issue at this time due to pending process changes in right of way mapping.



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