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Geographic Data, Mapping & Analysis

Preparing and maintaining core GIS and CAD data at a planning level scale

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Geographic Data, Mapping & Analysis

CAD map of downtown minneapolis

GIS map of downtown minneapolis

The GIM and Basemap Sections are responsible for maintaining core CAD (top map) and GIS (bottom map) data for MnDOT.

The Geographic Information and Mapping (GIM) and GIS Basemap Sections are responsible for preparing and maintaining core geographic data at a planning level scale of >1:24,000. The Basemap team maintains the GIS spatial data that form the layers of MnDOT's Interactive Basemap (see link below). The dataset, available in downloadable shapefile form on our site, includes metadata and information about transportation features, boundaries, and stream and lake locations.

The GIM Section produces MnDOT's CAD cartography for the Official State Highway Map as well as individual CAD and GIS maps for Minnesota's 87 counties and 853 cities. It also provides special purpose mapping and graphic services upon request for reports and exhibits.


Paper copies of our maps can be obtained at MnDOT's Map and Manual Sales.


For additional information about MnDOT traffic data, please visit


Cartographic Products - Minnesota Official State Highway Map and other static maps at the state, county, Twin Cities Metro Area, and municipality level

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GIS Data - shapefile data, metadata, etc

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MnDOT Interactive GIS Basemap - online viewer that provides statewide coverage of MnDOT Basemap information, including all public roads in Minnesota; allows users to view, save, and print maps


MnMap - collaborative GIS information site brought to you by MnDOT and supported by ESRI; features static maps and a customizable, interactive map of Minnesota