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Environmental Stewardship

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What We Do

MnDOT generates various types of regulated waste from both maintenance operations and construction activities. We aim to:



Regulated Waste Management




Management Specifics


Waste Management Practices

The following are established practices for managing specific MnDOT waste materials:


Waste Recycle, Reuse and Disposal

MnDOT’s regulated waste management program includes evaluating the contractors and facilities that handle or accept department waste materials for disposal, reuse or recycling. The objective of the evaluation is to reduce environmental liability by ensuring that the department’s wastes are handled properly.


Waste Chemical Data

Specific chemical data may be required to transport, recycle, reuse or dispose of certain waste materials. The following is waste chemical data that may be used to meet regulatory needs:



General Process


Knowing Your Waste


Waste Handling


Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) Consolidation Program