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Hwy 14

New Ulm, Courtland, Nicollet, North Mankato

Project news

W. Nicollet to N. Mankato construction

Hwy 14 detour map
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County Road closures

Nicollet County Road 25 east and west of Hwy 14 closed on April 7. CR 25 east of Hwy 14 is a permanent closure. CR west of Hwy 14 will re-open prior to the start of the 2-month detour in late summer Detour map (JPG).
Construction in 2016 includes installing granular and aggregate bases then concrete paving, striping, signing, erosion control. Bridge work continues at the new interchange with Hwy 111 (CR 23). A detour is necessary to build the connections between existing Hwy 14 and the new four-lane. Project completed in November.

March 28 to mid-May construction

  • Progress is slow due to rains
  • Grading/test rolling
  • Install pipes
  • Finish median drains
  • Install culverts/tile
  • Bridge deck paving (completed)
  • 2016 Detour (JPG) for Hwy 14 Nicollet to North Mankato project (late-summer 2016 for about 60 days)
    • Nicollet County Rd 23 detoured until late summer 2016

About this project

Summary of work from New Ulm to North Mankato

New Ulm

  • MnDOT adopts task force recommendations (Aug. 28, 2015) including:
    • Two-lane bridge over the Minnesota River with a substructure that can be expanded to four lanes
    • Two-lane bridge over Front Street designed for four lane expansion adjacent to the structure
    • An interchange at the intersection of Highways 14 and 15 and Nicollet County Road 21 (Y intersection)
    • Roundabout at the Highway 14 and Front Street intersection (minus the bypass)
    • Reconstruction of Highway 14 between Broadway and Front Street
  • New Ulm Task Force made Hwy 14 recommendations to MnDOT - May 18, 2015
  • Design work on Hwy 14/15/CR 21 interchange begins Fall 2015; funded by Corridors of Commerce
  • Broadway signal to Highway 14/15/CR 21 Y intersection (PDF) in New Ulm begins in 2017/18

New Ulm to Courtland to W. Nicollet

  • This segment of about 12.5 miles is currently unscheduled/unfunded.

W. Nicollet to North Mankato

  • The North Mankato to Nicollet project was advanced from 2017-18 to 2015-16 due to Corridors of Commerce funding and now includes a 2.5 mile bypass of Nicollet. Includes grading and paving 6.5 miles of additional two lanes to the north of the existing Hwy 14 and 2.5 miles of four-lane bypass on new alignment south of Nicollet.
  • Interim safety measures are underway until construction begins 2015.

Corridor in general

  • Nicollet (under construction in 2015-16) and Courtland city bypasses (unscheduled)
  • A preferred route has been selected and the final environmental document is complete.
  • Four-lane expansion of 22.5 miles

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