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Gateway New Ulm Project

Highway 14/15 MN River Bridge is open/Finishing work in Spring

New Ulm residents will be able to go over the bridge and through the woods for their holiday travels as the Highway 14/15 Minnesota River Bridge in New Ulm open to traffic December 18.

Construction crews along with landscapers will return in the spring to complete aesthetic work, but no detours will be needed.

The live web-cam was removed on November 30, but interested parties can see a time-lapse video of the Front Street and Minnesota River Bridge construction here: project web cam .

The Highway 14/15 New Ulm Gateway project addresses intersection safety, aging bridges, poor pavement conditions and occasional road flooding around New Ulm. Construction began in 2017, with the majority of the work and detours taking place in 2018 and 2019.

Specifically, the project includes:

Summary of work from New Ulm to North Mankato

New Ulm to Courtland to W. Nicollet (in design)

  • This segment of about 12.5 miles is currently unscheduled/unfunded.
  • A Highway 14 New Ulm to Nicollet Task Force was formed in December 2017 with membership including area business leaders, city and county officials and Minnesota Valley Lutheran School official.
  • The task force provided recommendations to MnDOT District 7 in June 2018.
  • The expansion of Highway 14 from New Ulm to Nicollet is currently unfunded, however, MnDOT is advancing the design and environmental processes to be prepared for potential funding from programs such as the Minnesota legislature’s Corridors of Commerce.

New Ulm Gateway (under construction)

  • MnDOT adopts task force recommendations (Aug. 28, 2015) including:
    • Two-lane bridge over the Minnesota River with a substructure that can be expanded to four lanes
    • Two-lane bridge over Front Street designed for four lane expansion adjacent to the structure
    • An interchange at the intersection of Highways 14 and 15 and Nicollet County Road 21 (Y intersection)
    • Roundabout at the Hwy 14 and Front Street intersection (minus the bypass)
    • Reconstruction of Hwy 14 between Broadway and Front Street
  • New Ulm Task Force made Hwy 14 recommendations to MnDOT - May 18, 2015
  • Design work on Hwy 14/15/CR 21 interchange begins Fall 2015; funded by Corridors of Commerce
  • Broadway signal to Hwy 14/15/CR 21 Y intersection (PDF 2972 KB) in New Ulm began in fall 2017 with majority of work done in 2018-19. Landscaping and aesthetics to be complete in spring of 2020.

W. Nicollet to North Mankato (complete)

  • The North Mankato to Nicollet project advanced from 2017-18 to 2015-16 due to Corridors of Commerce funding and included a 2.5 mile bypass of Nicollet. Included grading and paving 6.5 miles of additional two lanes to the north of the existing Hwy 14 and 2.5 miles of four-lane bypass on new alignment south of Nicollet. This section opened to traffic on Nov. 11, 2016.

Related projects

New Ulm to Nicollet designs

Hwy 14 project map
Highway 14 map.

A Highway 14 New Ulm to Nicollet Task Force officially provided recommendations to MnDOT on June 19, 2018 that include: 

    • Interchange at CSAH 37/Hwy 14 – New Ulm south access
    • RCUTs (J-turns) at MVL High School, New Ulm Quartzite Quarries, and Jeremy Dr (ShadyBrooks subdivision) and a narrower section through this area to limit impacts
    • Interchange at an extension of CSAH 24/Hwy 14 north of Courtland – centered on town

Next steps include:

  • Request resolutions of support from cities and county
  • Continue to develop layout
    •   Gather survey info this summer for hydraulic designs & ponding
    •   Gather additional info on existing environmental impacts
  •   Meet with public

MnDOT's goal is to advance the project over the next year with design and environmental work so that if funding became available the project would be ready for right of way, final design and construction.

While the expansion of Highway 14 from New Ulm to Nicollet is currently unfunded, the recent selection of the Highway 14 Owatonna to Dodge Center for Corridors of Commerce funding moves this project farther up the list for future funding.

Public input

MnDOT and the task force have hosted open houses in Courtland to get public input into the designs of a four-lane Highway 14 between New Ulm and Nicollet.