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Frequently Asked Questions - Flagger Train the Trainer

I was wondering how I can become a Qualified MnDOT Flagger Trainer so I can train some of my workers to be Flaggers.

All MnDOT Traffic Control and Specialty classes, including the Flagger Train the Trainer class, take place February through April.  Information about registration be found on the training website.

What is required when training a Flagger?

After completing the MnDOT Flagger Train the Trainer class, the qualified trained Trainer would then train their employees to act as flaggers on MnDOT construction projects.

  • The checklist “agreement” must be reviewed with the Flagger before the flagger starts flagging.
  • On MnDOT projects it is also required that the flagger view the video MnDOT Flagger Operations and Procedures (this was given out in class) before or within 48 hours of flagging. 
  • At the start and during the construction project pertinent information and instructions regarding the flagging operations should be given to the flagger.

Once the flagger is trained, the trainer would sign, date and enter their qualification number into the card located in the back of the flaggers handbook and the flagger would print and sign their name on the card.  Flaggers must be in possession of the handbook while flagging on the project.

How long does the Flagger Trainer qualification last?  Where is the expiration date listed?

The MnDOT Flagger Trainer qualification is good for 5 years. Your card will show your qualification number, name, company name, and expiration date or you refer to the Qualified Flagger Trainer list posted on the web.

Do all my employees need to be trained as MnDOT Flagger Trainers?

You do not need to have all your employees trained as trainers. The ones who have gone through the course can train your personnel to act as flaggers on MnDOT construction projects. Trainers will have to keep their qualification up to date and re-qualify on-line before it expires.

If our Flagger Trainers  took the MnDOT Flagger Train the Trainer class and teaches someone to flag, how long is the flaggers training good for or does is expire?

How often you train your flaggers is up to the contractor or governing entity.  Flaggers move around from company to company and new flaggers start every year in some companies. It is recommended that flaggers are trained every year. By training your flaggers every year your records would show current training dates and the flaggers would be up to date on any changes in procedures. It is also recommended, before a new project starts or traffic control changes are implemented, flaggers should be told the specifics of the project that effect the flagging operation.

I was wondering if you know of any company or training facility that I can get 20 employees trained as flaggers?

Our program is to train Flagger Trainers and they in turn train their flaggers. Please see the following website for more information. Flagger Trainer class offerings.

If you are working on a MnDOT project and need help getting your flaggers trained to fulfill the MnDOT Special Provision requirement the following are some possibilities. The Laborers Training Center offers MnDOT Flagger Training throughout the year. Information on classes can be found on their website http://www.ltcmn.org/. We do not advertise traffic control companies but most major contractors in Minnesota have staff that has gone through the MnDOT Flagger Trainer Training. You could to contact them and set up an agreement for training.

Does MnDOT recognize any online training for the qualification?

No, not at this time. You will have to take the MnDOT Flagger Train the Trainer classroom class. Before your qualification expires you may take the web e-learning class. This class is just for re-qualifications not for new MnDOT Flagger Trainers. If you need to re-qualify Just clink on the link under Flagger Train the Trainer Re-Qualification.

How do I get more Flagger Handbooks? Are there annual updates for the trainer?

The Minnesota Flagging Handbook is part of the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (Part 6E & 6K ). Material is reviewed and updated approximately every 4 years or when changes are made to the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices or change in statutes. January 2018 is the current publication of the handbook. The manual and handbook can be downloaded from the MnDOT Office of Traffic, Safety and Technology. Requests for additional handbooks can be made by emailing Jackie Brown at jackie.brown@state.mn.us.

There is a web e-learning site that is set up for trainer whose certification is expiring soon. Anyone can go through it for new information. New information is updated when the need occurs.

If a flagger is certified in another state do they have to be also trained by a MnDOT Flagger Trainer to flag in Minnesota?

If you will be working on a MnDOT construction project and the special provisions has a requirement for flaggers to be trained by a MnDOT Flagger Trainer then our course must be used.  If the project is on a city, county or township road the road authority will govern on the training the flagger is required to have.

I have attended the MnDOT Flagger Train the Trainer course and was wondering if I am allowed to train flaggers for other companies?

Yes.  You can train other flaggers for other companies. That would be an agreement between you and the other company. The training must meet all the requirements stated in class.

What do I do if I lost my MnDOT Flagger Trainer qualification card?

You may e-mail Jackie Brown and request a new card or you may take the re-qualification on-line course, then submit the form at the end of the course and a new card will be sent to you.