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Technical Certification

Required for construction and/or materials testing technicians on highway construction projects


Worker Memorial

"To honor those who lost their lives while working to construct and maintain highway projects across the state of Minnesota."

Training Classes


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The following classes have been completed for 2014
Registration for 2015 classes will began October 1, 2014


Flagger Train the Trainer
This course is used to qualify contractor's personnel to train employees to act as flaggers on MnDOT construction projects. Attendees will meet requirement of the new MnDOT flagger training language contained in the traffic control special provision of selected jobs. The course includes review of Field Manual flagger requirements and related layout, discussion of safe practices, flagger attire, and flagger responsibilities.
More information and Checklist can be found at: http://www.dot.state.mn.us/const/wzs/flagger.html

Flagger Train the Trainer Re-qualification
You are now able to renew your Flagger Train the Trainer qualification online. A link to the online re-qualification site is provided below. The site includes a PowerPoint presentation and short questionnaire. It take about 15-20 minutes to review this material.

Click here for access to the Flagger Train the Trainer Re-Qualification PowerPoint.


Contract Administration 101
This course is designed for all project level engineers and supervisors from MnDOT, local agencies, and engineering consultants. Subjects covered will be: the roles and responsibilities of the project inspector and engineer on major road construction projects, standard plate review, general project authority and documentation, project diaries, unacceptable and unauthorized work, acceptance of work/contractor claims, contractor relations, and shutting a project down. Real-life examples and case histories will be discussed in depth. An emphasis will be placed on pro-active contractor relations in order to avoid problems.
**Special emphasis on contract changes including force account will be included. **


Contract Time
This course is designed for all project level engineers and supervisors from MnDOT, local agencies, and engineering consultants. Students will be given background on national contract trends as well as the contract award process. Contract time specifications and special provisions will be discussed in depth. Students will be given guidance on innovative time methods such as lane rental, A + B, and incentives. Real world case studies will be cited and group exercises will allow students to participate in actual contract time preparation.

Traffic Control Overview
This course is designed for project level engineers, supervisors and traffic engineers from MnDOT, Local agencies and engineering consultants. Students will be exposed to traffic control special provisions standard language and instructions for use when writing time and traffic for highway projects. Emphasis will be placed on projects such as bituminous mill and overlay, concrete rehabilitation, and others that are short term in nature. Other subjects covered will be work zone speed limits, use of portable concrete barrier, and drop off policy.

MnDOT Traffic Control Supervisor
This three day training course is designed for Traffic Control Supervisors who will be working in Minnesota on state projects. Topics covered in the course will include principles and setup of temporary traffic controls, summary of traffic control special provisions for MnDOT projects and will make use of actual traffic control plans. Other subjects covered are work zone speed limits, use of portable concrete barrier and the NCHRP 350 crash requirements. Click here for more information on this class.


MnDOT Traffic Control Supervisor Recertification
NOTE: This course replaces the Traffic Control Overview course as the recertification course for MnDOT Traffic Control Supervisor.
This one day training course is designed for those who have been certified as MnDOT Traffic Control Supervisors and need to renew their certification. Classroom lecture will focus on the lastest changes in technology and specifications related to Traffic Control. Upon passing a written examination students will maintain their certification.


Plan Reading
This course will provide an in-depth study of a complex urban grading plan to agency and non-agency inspectors. Use of the plan for the purposes of contract administration will be emphasized. Students will acquire a working knowledge of how plans and special provisions define the project. Critical elements of the plan, their location, and relationship to each other will be discussed. Organization of title, layout, quantity, and tabulation sheets and how they are linked to staging, topography, and construction plan sheets will be explained. Use of typical sections, cross sections and profiles will be demonstrated. This course contains detailed review on the use of mathematics related to plan usage. (Slopes, grades, stationing, areas and volumes are especially useful to less experienced students).

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