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Construction Tools - Haul Roads and Detours

Basic information about haul roads and detours
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Haul Roads & Detours


In the course of a construction project,  it may be necessary to designate a city or county road as a haul road or detour.  Either designation requires a Commissioner's Order.  Several laws govern the establishment of haul roads and detours as well as the Minnesota Constitution.


Contact Project Activities Supervisor  at 651/366-4207 with questions about haul road payment.

Contact Commissioner's Order Supervisor at 651/366-3449 about haul road designation.


Minnesota Statute 160.02 Subd. 29 defines trunk highway

Article 14, Section 2 (MN Constitution) Section 2 creates the trunk highway system

Minnesota Statute 161.25 addresses haul roads and detours

Standard Specifications for Construction

  - 1404.3   Contractor's Request for Detour

  - 2051.3   Designation and Use of Haul Roads

Right of Way Manual - Section 115.5  Maintenance Orders Policy


Haul Road/Detour Procedures
Right of Way Manual section 115.6 and 115.7 outline procedures that apply to haul roads and detours; both require a Commissioner's Order.

Complete a Haul Road Designation form and send to Commissioner's Order Supervisor once the haul road/detour transaction has been completed and all signatures affixed so that a Commissioner's Order can be prepared.

See the memo from the Haul Road Task Force for procedure information.


Haul Road/Detour Payments

If there is invisible damage to haul road or detour, the Contractor is liable for payment.

Refer to the contract for haul road payment information.