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Construction Tools - Contractor Payments

Documenting payments to contractors
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Forms are primarily in .pdf format (first column). Some forms may only be in MS Excel or Word format.
If the form appears in MS Excel or Word, it will be indicated in the last two columns.


Form Name PDF logo
Form Number Excel logo Word logo
Contract Changes See: Contract Changes    
Contract Documentation      
Bituminous Application Record TP 21841-02 (8/81) xls  
Certificate of Final Acceptance      
Change in Contract Construction Status TP 02119-02 (9/82)   doc
Computation of Truck Box Capacity TP 02141-02 (9/97)   doc
Daily Accomplishment Report TP 28233 (3/09)


Daily Equipment Labor Rental Record TP 2137 (5/13) xlsx  
Daily Water Report TP 21236-02 (8/10) xls  
Earthwork Computations TP 2190 (3/78) xls  
Equipment Rate Approval Worksheet TP 17119 (3/79) doc
Final Inspection Report     doc
Final Voucher Date Tracking Form Updated 31 Oct 2011   doc
Haul Road Designation (9/21/2011)   doc
Inspection Report for Small Quantities (Materials) 2403    
Inventory of Salvaged Bridge Materials   xls  
Item Record Account (non-CAARS/handwritten document) TP 28227 (4/78)
Material on Hand Request     doc
NCHRP Certificate of Compliance      
Pile Driving Report TP 02210-06 (3/06) xls  
Rebar Quantity computation worksheet   xls  
Request to Sublet TP 21834 (5/09)  
Steel Escalation Worksheet   xls  
Summary of Daily Force Account TP 21659 (1/93) xls  
Temporary Trunk Highway Haul Road Designation and Release  
Test Pile Report TP 02264-05 (3/06) xls  
Uniform Vehicle Load Tally Sheet MnDOT 28226 (9/77)    
Vertical and Horizontal Bridge Clearance Report MnDOT 17151 (1/05)   doc
Visual Inspection Report TP-02415-01    
Weekly Diary TP 02120-02   doc
Withholding Affadavit for Contractors (IC - 134) 5000134 (rev. 2/03)    
Work Order sample 21839   doc
Work Zone Speed Limit     doc
Construction Zone & Safety      
Construction Zone Incident     docx
Monetary Deduction for Safety Violation     doc
Pre-construction Safety Checklist     doc
Civil Rights/EEO/DBE Civil rights Web site    
Labor Compliance Labor compliance Web site    
Land Management Land Management Web site    
Aggregate Forms      
Bituminous Forms      
Concrete Forms      
Grading and Base Forms      
Materials Certification Exceptions Summary     doc
Tester Inventory Project Roster (link at right)   xls  
NPDES  MPCA Water Quality Web site    
Performance Measures      
Cost Rating Form   xls doc
Project Summary Rating   xls doc
Quality Rating Form


xls doc
Safety Rating Form   xls doc
Timeliness Rating Form   xls doc
Plan Quality Rating      
Construction Plan Quality Rating Form     doc
Construction Plan Quality Rating Form Instructions     doc
Pre-Letting Bid letting Web site      
Technical Training Technical Certification web site    
Request for Tech Cert ID Number      
Traffic Traffic Engineering Web site    
Contractor Striping Form    
Traffic Control Checklist      
Utilities Utilities Web site    
Daily Utility Report