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Information tools for construction personnel
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Construction Inspector Workshop

Click here for workshop information - Note: for MnDOT employees only


MnDOT Division I Specification Training

Download the April 11, 2013 presentation


National Highway Specifications Home

Clearinghouse and electronic library where users can search, review, cross-reference, and download the latest specifications, construction manuals, and drawings. This FHWA site contains material submitted by State Departments of Transportation and other agencies.


Technical Certification
Required for construction and lab technicians on highway construction projects


Databases | Applications
Run applications and access construction project data
(webportal access required)


Worker Memorial
To honor those who lost their lives ...




Write to the Office of Construction and Innovative Contracting:


Transporation Building

MS 650

395 John Ireland Blvd

St. Paul, MN 55155-1800


Construction Tools Overview


This site is a switchboard to information relevant to the letting, award, approval and administration of construction contracts.


To improve this site, we need your feedback! Click here to submit your input.


2011 State Shutdown (MnDOT Suspension of Work)

OCIC has developed a webpage that catalogs its actions before, during and after a state government shutdown in July, 2011. For more information, click here.


ADA compliance

View ADA compliance checklists and guidance for proper installation of accessible pedestrian signals, curb ramps and more.


Administering Environmental Requirements

This is the process MnDOT should be following and the documentation the EPA/MPCA will be looking for when reviewing MnDOT projects for compliance with MS4 and NPDES permits.


Construction Claims

A claim is an unresolved change in the construction project. Construction claims are covered in the MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction handbook under Section 1517, Claims for Compensation Adjustment.  For more information, see Contract Changes.


Contract Administration Manual

MnDOT authors a Contract Administration Manual that provides the essential construction contract administration information in one volume. This handy manual is updated regularly with the latest information concerning construction contract administration.


Contract Time

See how to determine contract time and assess time during construction. 


Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

The Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracting method provides for an indefinite quantity of work during a fixed period of time. The Department will place orders for individual requirements. The Contract may state quantity limits as number of units or as dollar values.


Innovative Contracting

MnDOT has initiatives to reduce the time required to deliver construction projects, improve quality and develop better processes to administer projects. Click here for more information on innovative contracting.


Labor Compliance
Contractors accepting construction contracts funded in whole or in part by state or federal funds must pay workers the federal or state stipulated prevailing wage for the classification of work they perform.  Visit the Labor Compliance site to find out more.



Click here to see the Partnering Field Guide.


Work Zone Safety

Safety of the traveling public and transportation workers is of prime concern to MnDOT. Click here for information and tools to help make construction work zones safer.