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Bicycle Facility Design Manual

MnDOT’s Bicycle Facility Design Manual is a resource for MnDOT planners and designers to plan for and implement context-appropriate bicycle facilities within MnDOT right-of-way. The 2020 Minnesota Bicycle Facility Design Manual supersedes the 2007 Minnesota Bikeway Facility Design Manual. This manual provides the information necessary to develop safe, consistent and predictable bicycle facilities along MnDOT’s trunk highway system. Providing connected networks of comfortable and safe bicycle facilities is an important factor to support and increase the use of bicycling for transportation.

The manual was developed based on national design standards and accepted industry practices, in particular the American Association of Highway Transportation Officials Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities (fourth edition and forthcoming fifth edition). The manual should be used in conjunction with the current versions of the MnDOT Road Design Manual and the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The manual is not intended as a legal standard, and all design guidance should be considered with engineering judgment.

Bicycle Facility Design Manual PDF (19 MB)

Chapter Title and link Date updated
N/A Cover and Table of Contents February 2020
1 Introduction September 2021
2 Scoping, Planning and Project Coordination September 2021
3 Facility Selection September 2021
4 Operational Characteristics & Elements of Design September 2021
5 Bicycle Facilities September 2021
6 Maintenance February 2020
7 Special Design Elements September 2021
8 Appendices September 2021

MnDOT periodically updates the Bicycle Facility Design Manual to correct errors or provide additional, complimentary information. Major revisions to recommended practices or designs follow the standard tech memo process.

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