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Maintenance and Operation (M and O)

Instructions for downloading the following forms:

After clicking on one of the following forms, save it to your computer before entering information. Follow this link for more help on downloading these forms (PDF, 103 KB).

Submitting M and O Costs to MnDOT:

Once your airport maintenance and operation grant contract has been fully executed, you are ready to submit reimbursement requests according to the payment schedule listed in your grant contract. For state fiscal year 2016 only, please submit your expenses for the time frame of July 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015 as soon as you are notified of your grant contract being fully executed, but no later than April 20, 2016.

Please review the Eligible and Ineligible Maintenance and Operation Expenses lists (Excel, 61 KB) before you start filling out your reimbursement request. Many expenses have been moved from ineligible to eligible.

You will be reimbursed for 75% of the eligible item costs up to the amount indicated in your grant contract. Please submit ALL eligible expenses for the state fiscal year even AFTER you have received 100% of your grant contract dollar amount. This data will be used to monitor the funding gap between what is actually spent and what is reimbursed under the maintenance and operation grant contract. The gap analysis will inform the biennial budget cycle and the legislature of the level of needs at Minnesota’s airports so that adjustments in the funding level can be considered. Once you have received 100% of your grant contract dollar amount, the only paperwork that needs to be submitted is a completed Maintenance and Operation Credit Application (Excel, 39 KB). No back-up documentation will be required.

You have two options when submitting your reimbursement request but either option must have a completed Maintenance and Operation Credit Application (Excel, 39 KB) attached to the front of your submittal:

Option #1 – Credit Application with Itemization Forms:
Complete and submit the Maintenance and Operation Credit Application (Excel, 39 KB), one copy of the Excel itemization forms, and back-up documentation (cancelled checks are not acceptable). Your back-up documentation must clearly correlate with the breakout items on the credit application. 

Option #2 – Credit Application with Ledger:
Complete and submit the Maintenance and Operation Credit Application (Excel, 39 KB) along with your accounting ledgers IF the information required on our forms is included in your ledger. If you plan to submit accounting ledgers that contain both eligible and ineligible items, please cross off ineligible items or highlight the eligible items, and mark them to correlate with the breakout items on the credit application. Accounting ledgers may serve for both the reporting form and back-up documentation (cancelled checks are not acceptable) if all of the information required on our forms is shown.

Please note:
If you have received federal or state monies in the purchase of maintenance equipment, you cannot charge a unit rental rate for that piece of equipment. You can charge a labor rate to provide manpower for that piece of equipment, however, if applicable.

I would like to clarify that “Date Expense Incurred” on the Excel itemization forms is not the date you paid the bill.  It is the actual date of the occurrence. Any eligible expenses you incur in June of 2016, must be submitted with your 4th quarter reimbursement request (April 1, 2016 through June 30, 2016). Submitting it with the 1st quarter (July 1, 2016 through September 30, 2016) of state fiscal year 2017 for reimbursement will be denied.

You may send your reimbursement request to me in the mail, or you may opt to send your request using our ePayment process.

Please contact jenny.bahneman@state.mn.us with any questions or concerns.


Maintenance by Airport or Municipal Employee, or Contracted Maintenance (Excel, 31 KB)
If you have maintenance employees dedicated to the airport, a breakdown of duties is not necessary.  Summarize what services were received in the time frame you are claiming.

If you have a contract with an individual/company to perform maintenance on a continual basis, please include a copy of your contract with that individual/company as backup documentation, and summarize what services were received in the time frame you are claiming.  That contract will suffice as backup documentation for the term of the maintenance and operation grant contract.

Examples are:  mowing, snow removal, brush control, pest control, equipment rental or leases, *pavement patching and crack sealing, *minor maintenance and repair of sponsor-owned hangars and public buildings, on-site maintenance and repair costs for airport-owned airfield lighting, equipment, and fire extinguishers.

*Before proceeding with significant/substantial work, check with the Office of Aeronautics for construction grant eligibility.

Janitorial Services for Arrival/Departure Building Only - by Airport or Municipal Employee, or Contracted Janitorial (Excel, 29 KB)

Airport Utilities (Excel, 29 KB)
Airport Utilities for airport owner incurred expenses only including lp or natural gas, electricity, water, sanitary sewer, and septic tank.

Telephone (Excel, 29 KB)
Telephone expenses for one telephone line, local service only, accessible to the general public.

Parts and/or Supplies (Excel, 29 KB)
Parts for maintenance or repair of airport-owned airfield lighting, equipment, sponsor-owned hangars, and public buildings; supplies for areas used by the public free of charge, excludes office, computer and copy machine supplies, and postage.

Training (Excel, 30 KB)
Training must be related to airport maintenance and operation; conference registration and lodging fees only.

Audit for Airport's Share of an Annual Municipal Audit (Excel, 29 KB)

Property and Liability Insurance for Sponsor-Owned Items, Excludes Courtesy Car (Excel, 29 KB)

Insurance on Maintenance Equipment (Excel,290 KB)

Fuel for Maintenance Equipment (Excel, 29 KB)

Trash (Excel, 29 KB)

Security for Daily Check of Airport, Fire Protection, Alarm System Expenses (Excel, 29 KB)

Service Contract for Maintenance Equipment (Excel, 29 KB)


Before proceeding, please scan your entire payment into one PDF package. This must include the credit application and all supporting documentation. Follow these instructions:

  1. Send an email to airportmaintenanceandoperation@state.mn.us
  2. In the subject line for M and O, enter your airport's identifier code (IDENT) and MO. Example: HIB MO.
    If you do not know your IDENT, follow this link (PDF, 93 KB).
  3. Attach the scanned PDF of the payment package to the email and send the email.

Your payment has now been submitted and will soon be processed. We value your feedback. If you have suggestions to improve the system or questions, please email Jenny Bahneman.