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Silver Bay Airport (BFW) Closure

The safety of the aviation community is very important and in order to protect the public interest, the very difficult decision has been made to close Silver Bay Municipal Airport - Wayne Johnson Field.

Silver Bay Airport resides in Lake County, MN and sits along the North Shore in northeast Minnesota. The airport and its tenants have been a part of the Minnesota aeronautics family since 1965. This public airport started out as a turf runway and was paved in 1969. It has been enjoyed by many pilots and has hosted fly-in events.

Over recent years, Silver Bay Airport’s surface condition has weathered. The runway deteriorated to the point that it was closed. Without any runway improvement plans, the Silver Bay Airport will also be permanently closed.

2019 Minnesota Aviation Art Contest

2019 International Art Contest CoverThe theme this year is "My Dream to Fly".

Have you ever sat in class, looked out the window, and wondered what it would be like to fly? If so, you are not alone! Teachers might not always like it, but something about looking at the sky calls us to daydream about what is possible...

Deadline for entries must be postmarked or delivered no later than 4 p.m., Friday, Jan. 18, 2019, NO EXCEPTIONS, and must be mailed or delivered to:

Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), Office of Aeronautics | Attn: Art Contest Entry |
222 East Plato Blvd. | Saint. Paul, MN 55107-1618
Please follow this link for more information.

What makes an airport "Minnesota nice"?
We want your input

We're looking for your input on what makes an airport a welcome place to visit. Take our survey on airport hospitality and tell us what features, amenities, and services are important to you. We'll communicate the results with airport managers and use it as we encourage them to find ways to meet the needs of the pilots and passengers who use their airports. The survey should take less than 10 minutes. Please feel free to forward it to your pilot friends and ask them to provide their input as well.