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Aircraft registration online services

Aircraft registration application

Register as a new owner for an aircraft. Once we receive your application, we'll email you a bill and an access code (on the top, right corner of your bill). With this access code you can pay your bill and your sales/use tax online.

Register or log in to your portal account

Pay your bill and update your insurance

Pay your aircraft registration tax and Minnesota sales and use tax if applicable. To pay online you will need your aircraft N-number and the access code, which you will find on the upper right corner of your bill. If you own multiple aircraft, you'll need only one N Number and access code combination. After entering this combination, all aircraft you currently own will be listed on your site dashboard. View our portal guidance.

Current owner and aircraft information

You can request an update to your aircraft owner's name, address, phone number, email address, and mailing address. Or you can your request an update to your aircraft's status (non-use or active), and an update to the location where it is based.

Other forms

If you or your business engage in any of the following activities:

  • Sell aircraft to customers located in Minnesota
  • Lease aircraft to customers in Minnesota
  • Rent aircraft to customers in Minnesota

You must use the new "Aircraft Sales" tax line found on the Department of Revenue's e-Services website.

Also, if you or your business are required to report use tax on taxable transactions, including those under a Direct Pay Permit or your own use of business assets, you must use the new "Aircraft Use" tax line found on the Department of Revenue's e-Services website.

Learn more about adding aircraft tax lines to your sales and use tax account or see Adding Aircraft Tax Lines to your Sales and Use Tax Account.

For help determining your state and local sales and use tax use the Minnesota Department of Revenue Sales Tax Rate Calculator.