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Minnesota Active Transportation Advisory Committee

The Minnesota Active Transportation Advisory Committee is composed of 18 community members and 11 direct appointments from state agencies that serve as a central advisory body to develop active transportation goals, policies, and standards in Minnesota. This legislative-authorized committee advises and makes recommendations to the Commissioner of Transportation and the Active Transportation Coordinator to direct this new program, funding and resources.


The advisory committee must make recommendations to the commissioner on items related to the following: 

  • Active transportation, including safety, education, and development programs
  • The Active Transportation program
  • The Safe Routes to School program 

The committee must review and analyze issues and needs relating to active transportation on public rights-of-way and identify solutions and goals for addressing identified issues and needs.  

Next meeting

  • 2-4 p.m., Thursday, September 19, 2024 - hybrid in-person/virtual meeting
    Mesabi Station
    111 Station 44 Road
    Eveleth, MN 55734
  • Join via Microsoft Teams
    • Meeting ID: 277 069 609 490
    • Passcode: FLB48c

ATAC meetings are open to the public and non-members. Time will be reserved at the meeting for the public to comment. If you are interested in participating in this meeting, please contact Active Transportation Coordinator Will Wlizlo.

Public Members

  • Jeffrey Flaten, City of Dennison (Chair)
  • Kelly Grissman, Three Rivers Park District (Vice Chair)
  • Bob Bierscheid, AARP
  • Robert Byrnes, City of Marshall
  • Sarah Ciochetto, St. Lous & Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority
  • James Foldesi, St. Louis County
  • Marion Greene, Hennepin County
  • Glen Kajewski, Bike Thief River Falls
  • Andy Lageson, Cyclehoop
  • CJ Lindor, Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota
  • Jennifer Lowry, City of Roseville
  • Alex McKenzie, St. Cloud APO
  • Edna Mckenzie, Midwest Select Contracting LLC
  • Matt Moore, People for Bikes
  • Griffin Peck, West Central Initiative, MN Climate Adaptation Partnership
  • Kyle Shelton, University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies
  • Katherine White, City of Minneapolis
  • Cindy Winters, Greater Mankato Bike and Walk Advocates

Appointed Members

  • Gina Hermann, Dept. of Administration 
  • Terri Swartout, Dept. of Education 
  • Ellen Pillsbury, Dept. of Health 
  • Wade Miller, Dept. of Natural Resources
  • Kate Knuth, Dept. of Pollution Control 
  • Michael Hanson, Dept. of Public Safety 
  • Sarah Ghandour, Dept. of Transportation 
  • Joe Widing, Metropolitan Council 
  • Michael Hernadez, Explore Minnesota Tourism