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Project delivery

Utility coordination process

The utility coordination process is designed to help reduce the time that designers spend on utility coordination. By identifying early milestones for utility coordination meetings and follow up, project managers and designers can avoid time-consuming efforts to resolve utility issues that often occur later in the process. Many MnDOT staff members contribute to successful utility accommodation and coordination, and each of them plays an important role. The Utility Accommodation and Coordination Manual (PDF) details the roles and responsibilities of MnDOT staff members who are involved with utility coordination for each step of the utility coordination process. The process encourages early and ongoing communication with utility owners.

MnDOT design build supplement (PDF) - Addresses utility coordination for design build projects.

Utility issue resolution

The MnDOT utility coordination process supports the timely delivery of projects. In a process that involves many parties and interests, it is natural that issues may arise. To help resolve those issues as soon and smoothly as possible, MnDOT developed a utility owner dispute resolution process (DOCX). The process outlines the actions to be taken at each step of the utility coordination process.

Utility coordination by role

In addition to the Utility Accommodation and Coordination Manual (PDF), MnDOT offers other tools and resources for those who are responsible for utility accommodation and coordination.

Project Managers

Project managers are responsible for the overall project during the plan development process, or for a particular stage of project development in the plan development process.


MnDOT often collaborates with consulting engineers on the design of highway transportation projects. As a result, consulting engineers are involved with many aspects of utility coordination, including project management.


MnDOT's utility coordination process involves the construction group early in the process to help assure a smooth transition from design to construction.