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MnDOT often collaborates with consulting engineers on the design of highway transportation projects. As a result, consulting engineers are involved with many aspects of utility coordination.


Consulting engineers are required to use the appropriate MnDOT utility coordination process on all MnDOT projects and follow the scope of services (DOC) in the RFP. MnDOT project managers will continue to oversee the work of consulting engineers. Consulting engineers who are working with counties and municipalities should check the local agencies page for information about the application of the utility coordination process for local agency projects.

  • Consultant checklist (DOC) - Use this checklist to ensure that you complete all steps in the utility relocation process.


How does the utility coordination process impact consultants?

To ensure consistent application, MnDOT requires the use of the process on all its consultant-designed projects. Consultants will work with MnDOT project managers to fulfill the requirements of the process.

What are the advantages of the process?

Consistent use of the process reduces the issues that can arise with utility facilities during construction of transportation projects. The process makes the utility relocation go more smoothly and efficiently for everyone involved.

What does a consultant need to complete the utility coordination process?

Step-by-step guidance for performing utility coordination is available through the MnDOT Utilities Manual (PDF). There are 11 templates for the utility coordination process. The ones that are necessary for a given project will depend on the project type and characteristics. Consultants can access these documents through the Utilities Manual. Links to each template are available in the section of the corresponding step.

What do I need to know about the MnDOT Utility Accommodation on Highway Right of Way Policy?

The MnDOT Utility Accommodation on Highway Right of Way Policy consists both of a policy document and a Utility Accommodation Section that is part of the updated Utility Accommodation and Coordination Manual (PDF). It is important for consultants to understand and follow the policy document, including the Utility Accommodation Section.

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