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Intercity bus grant

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requires states to spend at least 15% of its Federal Rural Transportation Assistance Section 5311 apportionment to develop and support intercity bus (ICB) transportation (Federal Transit Administration Circular 9040.1G). This grant program provides an opportunity for all eligible applicants to compete for route subsidies and secure federal and State funds to support the Intercity Bus program.


Existing ICB providers

Intercity bus providers that received the grant in 2024 are eligible to submit an RFP for the 2025 grant.

New systems

Transit services must meet the requirements of the FTA definition of 5311(F) intercity bus service. FTA defines intercity bus service as "regularly scheduled bus service for the general public that operates with limited stops over fixed routes connecting two or more urban areas not in close proximity, that has the capacity for transporting baggage carried by passengers, and that makes meaningful connections with scheduled intercity bus service to more distant points, if such service is available." 

Email Voni Vegar for information on how to submit an RFP for the 2025 Intercity Bus Grant.  


  • May 1, 2024: Request for proposals opens
  • June 28, 2024: Applications deadline

Application period

This solicitation is now closed. Applications were due on June 28, 2024.

After you apply

  • We'll convene a review evaluation committee, consisting of internal technical staff and one or more representatives from external entities in the field of passenger transportation.
  • We'll score each route according to our scoring criteria (PDF). Each route must have a minimum score of 100.

Reporting requirements

If awarded funds an organization will submit the following reports:

  • Monthly Operating Budget
  • Monthly Ridership Statistics (service level and passenger stats)
  • Quarterly Request for Funds (RFF)

For the Monthly Operating Budget and the Monthly Ridership Statistics, you'll complete the reports in BlackCat Transit Data Management System and submit them 45 days after the month of reporting. Work with your transportation program manager to complete these reports.

More information

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