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The need for greater coordination and collaboration among travel demand modeling professionals is growing for several reasons:

  • System demands and funding limitations - Increasing congestion, limited resources and the need to optimize investments and improvements across the entire highway system are elevating the importance of travel demand modeling.
  • Skill and resource constraints - While the need for travel demand modeling skills is increasing, there are fewer resources available within MnDOT and partner agencies to do this technical and complex work.
  • Evolution in the state of the practice - New software, advances in the state of the practice to more integrate freight, external trips and operational modeling considerations create ripe opportunities for joint discussion, issue resolution and knowledge growth.


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Charge To the Committee


The Committee meets quarterly using teleconferencing and face-to-face meetings to:

  • Share information on modeling activities, best practices, and innovations
  • Facilitate discussion and resolution of issues
  • Promote consistency in models, assumptions, and networks
  • Encourage coordination of modeling results within and between metropolitan areas
  • Provide input to other CTS and ITE travel demand modeling groups
  • Recommend research and improvements in tools and methods



Meeting Agendas and Minutes


Agendas (DOC, < 100 KB)

10/14/10 | 3/22/10 | 8/11/09 | 5/27/09 | 12/8/08 | 8/11/08 | 5/28/08 | 2/7/08 | 11/14/07 | 8/29/07 | 6/7/07 | 3/15/07 | 7/26/06 | 4/6/06 | 12/20/05 | 9/8/05


Minutes (DOC, < 100 KB)

10/14/10 | 3/22/10 | 8/11/09 | 5/27/09 | 12/8/08 | 8/11/08 | 5/28/08 | 2/7/08 | 11/14/07 | 8/29/07 | 6/7/07 (663 KB) | 3/15/07 | 7/26/06 | 4/6/06 | 12/20/05 | 9/8/05 (PDF, 198 KB)





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The ListServ is intended for use in discussion of topics and sharing information related to travel demand modeling. Only members of the list can send notes to the ListServ. To send to this list, address an email to MTDMCC@state.mn.us

Internal users can go to the ListServ Website to join the list, send a note, or look at archives. Internal and external users who would like to join the list can send an email to LISTSERV@state.mn.us with the following:


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A few minutes after sending this, a reply will come back to you with a link to an internal website which will ask you to confirm that you want to be added. If you are external, you can reply to the email and type "ok" (without the quotes) as the text of your message.





  • Gene Hicks, MnDOT Office of Transportation System Management (Chair)
  • Mark Flinner - MnDOT TDA
  • Brian Isaacson - MnDOT Metro District
  • Kevin Sommers - MnDOT Metro District Traffic
  • Terry Humbert - MnDOT District 3
  • Mark Filipi - Metropolitan Council
  • Dave Then - St. Cloud Area Planning Office
  • Philip Wheeler - Rochester Council of Governments
  • Ron Chicka - Duluth/Superior Interstate Commission
  • Tom Faella - LaCrosse/LaCrescent Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Kate Garwood - Anoka County
  • Bob Byers - Hennepin County
  • Steve Wilson - SRF Consulting Group, Inc.
  • John Crawford - URS Corporation
  • Steve Ruegg - PB Consult Inc.
  • Jamison Slobden - SEH Inc.
  • Gregory Gaides - Parsons
  • Susan Moe - Federal Highway Administration


Committee membership may be rotated on a biennial basis if there are others from the modeling community who would like to be involved. For more information contact:

  • Gene Hicks, Director of MnDOT Traffic Forecasting and Analysis Section, gene.hicks@state.mn.us, (651) 366-3856